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March 20th 2011
Published: March 20th 2011
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We finally made it. Words really cannot describe how excited we are to be here. Its crazy though because the culture really isn’t much different than back home, but its just great to be somewhere new. Our fight over was unreal. We give Air New Zealand a five star plus. It was so comfortable. The flight was long but I can sleep anywhere, so that was exactly what I did.

After three flights we finally arrived in Nelson on the South Island. We’ve been so gitty ever since. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing you’re embarking on a wonderful adventure together. More, feeling so confident with our decision to leave all the familiarity for the complete unknown. We soon realized that it’s not so different. Being able to speak English in a foreign country is such a treat. So far, it’s been quite easy. The most difficult part? Buying a damn car.

Our first farm starts in a couple days. It’s about an hours drive from Nelson. We’ve decided to stay here for about four days to find our car before heading to the farm. Shit, it’s been difficult. Not because we haven’t been able to find one, quite the contrary. There are too many options. Patrick and I are both terrible decision makers to start with. When we first got here, we were most interested in buying a good quality station wagon with the option of sleeping in the back should we need to. After much thought and searching, I think we’ve narrowed it down to a van, a sleeping van. I’m finally going to get my life long dream of traveling a country in a sleeping van!

It’s been quite funny actually. When we saw our first car, I was totally into it. Checking everything out with Pat. Pressing all the buttons to be sure everything works. After the second one, I was much more interested in chatting with the seller. By the third one, I was D-O-N-E with test driving or worrying if the cars buttons worked and more interested in what the owner had for dinner that night. Patrick said afterwards, “Ami, we’re in the car to test drive. I’m trying to listen for noises and clunking but couldn’t hear a thing because you’re so damn chatty!” I made friends with one of the sellers and last night we went out for beer with them. Patrick is the practical, mechanical one and I’m, well just very freaking social; a very good team indeed. Anyway, it’s been quite a decision process, but we know that it will all work out in the end.

Today was an amazing day; so sunny and warm. We bought 2 liters of the local micro-brew, got our swimsuits and walked up bank of the river until we came across an amazing swimming hole with a rope swing! We swam, drank beer, ate avocados and tomatoes, did some serious swinging and sun bathing. Then Patrick made friends with a duck he named “Shelia”. She kept nibbling on his toes. He was in love! By the end of the day, he had Sheila literally sitting right beside him. Shit, everyone loves Patrick! Sun and animals are Patrick’s two most favourite things. All day I kept hearing “I fucking love this”. It was so great. Of course I came back to the hostel with a sunburn. The sunburn has now turned into "The Itch" which I get almost every time I travel. Itchy hives. So far they are confined to my arms. I still hate them


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