Golden Bay

Published: May 3rd 2010
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Louise and I headed up to Golden Bay from Motueka the next day but we stopped in Kaiteriteri first. It’s a gorgeous beach that you can kayak from as well. To get to Golden bay we had to climb a huge windy road up a hill and then go down the other side. Some amazing views! We stopped in Takaka to get some groceries as there isn’t much more in Golden Bay after it. We stopped in Collingwood for a snack and then drove up even further to find our hostel called The Innlet. It’s a 5 minute walk from the beach.


Because their septic tank would be overwhelmed if all the guests used the one flushing toilet during the day we had to use composting toilets outside. They weren’t bad but it was interesting. It’s just a long drop toilet really and when you finish you add a cup full of wood chips to help the composting haha. Louise and I took a walk down to the beach before dinner but it was quite cold and windy so we didn’t stay long.

The next morning we drove all the way up to Farewell Spit which is the furthest you can drive. Parked the car and then did a walk to Fossil beach. You have to walk through sheep fields to follow the trail and they just stop and stare at you. Out at the beach there is literally nothing for miles and miles. Just sand dunes and a few sea birds. We walked up the beach for quite a ways.

We took the trail that leads back to the other side. You can go all the way to the end where there are a ton more sea birds but you have to do a tour in a 4x4. If you look at a map of the south island Golden bay is the part at the north tip of the south island that looks like a kiwis head and his curved beak.

We drove over to Cape Farewell which is the northern most point of the south island. There is a beautiful hole in the cliffs there. After that we stopped in Collingwood for lunch and then drove to the Mussel Inn which is actually a small brewery and pub and they have live music every night. I tried their Freckled Frog which is a Fejoia cider. Fejoia if you don’t know is a fruit they have here and it’s super yummy. You cut it in half like a kiwi and inside is a pale yellow colour and you eat it like a kiwi but it has a very fragrant flavour. Kind of a bit soapy but really really nice. But sadly, they only sell the cider at the Mussel Inn so I couldn’t buy any to take away. But some of their other beers you can buy at the supermarket.

The next morning we got up and took our time. Drove back to Takaka and got some supplies. Louise drove me back to Marahau and dropped me off at my hostel and she headed over to Nelson as she was on her way to Wellington and I was headed south. I stayed at a place called The Barn which was really cool. You could see the beach from the kitchen.

I walked down to the beach and did the first little bot of the Abel Tasman walkway. Didn’t do too much as I was in the middle of no where really haha and got ready for my trip down south with stray.


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