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January 4th 2018
Published: January 4th 2018
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Firstly I was very lucky to get to Milford Sound today - a car ran off the road into my bus (before it got to me) and all those poor people (no one was hurt -thank goodness) had to give statements to the police and not get to go on their trip. Luckily for me the next bus (driven by the same lovely Irishman that brought me to Te Anue) picked me up and added me to their trip. How lucky am I the only one from that coach journey to make it to Milford Sound today !!!!

Amazing views from the bus now I understand why they have glass roofs on their buses. Again we had many stories both Mauri and Blarney. We stopped off to fill our water bottles from the local stream and to gawp at mountains and glaciers and valleys and trees.

Something I learnt today (amongst many things including the venerable Mr Cook got a few things wrong about this country) was that the Manuka tree is also the Tea-tree - which for a hippy like me is fascinating because I believe in the healing properties of both (now I

feel the need to have said plant in my garden - more magic than even I can believe !!!)

We also stopped off a 'mirror lake' which is the most mirror like lake I have ever seen - the only problem with it and the rest of the day was the other tourists - I would rather of liked it all to myself if I am honest !!!

After our bus tour up into the Southern Alps of New Zealand and out the other side we headed down to the Fiord (not a Sound as it is labelled - a Sound in made from inland water and a Fiord from sea water - see lots and lots of learning) we then go on our little boat and headed out to the Tasman Sea. On the way we saw Seals and mountains so huge that it was just awesome a word that really was created for the sights you see here.

I could see lots of faces looking at me from the rocks and trees and it is easy to see where the Maori mythology comes from. After all the stories of giants and gods seems just as likely as the stories of tectonic plates and colliding glaciers when you see this landscape.

On the way back we took (well about 5 of us did) a glacial shower - the boat went under a waterfall that was spawned from a glacier that is older than the human race so has I was the first human to ever be touched by that water - and yes it was very cold water and yes I was fully clothed and yes I am glad I did it.

There is so much to talk about and yet when it comes to this blog I seem only to be able to find edited highlights - but thank you for the messages via other mediums saying you are enjoying it - sorry that it is impossible for some of you to upload comment on here.

Tomorrow I meet Victoria in the afternoon to pick up our home on wheels for the next few days - So that will be adventure part 3 starting - I am seriously not here long enough to do this country justice and I will come back - I have a New Zealand bucket list - which now included cage shark diving with my daughter - as we can't get to bluff this time round !!!

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4th January 2018

I hope you didn't have to wait too long for no-one to be in your field of view for your photos. Spectacular scenery everywhere. So glad you are having such a wonderful trip xx
7th January 2018

Nah I am a proffessional at quick shot
not people - I am also a quick shot with a rifle and AK47 but that's a different story !!!
6th January 2018

Hi Anni, glad it all worked out ok, all sounds and looks fascinating. Love from the Heffs x

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