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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo September 13th 2012

In somewhat of a sulk (due to our cancelled Milford Sound trip) we boarded the 8am bus bound for Lake Tekapo: a supposedly beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. Entombed by the snowy caps of Queenstown we were informed by the driver that the terrible cold front was very restricted to the Qtown area only and that the rest of the country was experiencing rather more spring-like weather. He could not have been more accurate. Smothered in fleeces, hoodies, vests and t-shirts, Kayleigh and I soon found ourselves stripping off layers about 15 minutes out of Queenstown. The sun was booming, and our spirits were lifting. After a scenic 4 hour bus we arrived at Tekapo to see unquestionably the 'blue-est' lake with beautiful snow capped mountains all around. We were told by the driver that the ... read more
The view from Mt John
Out the window of Thai Tekapo...charming, friendly little place
Lake Tekapo

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo April 22nd 2012

Playing serious catchup now. It doesn't take long to get behind as we are covering so much ground now and can't keep up. So this blog will just be a few pics that were meant to go on the previous one. Today we Left Lake Tekapo and moved on to Mt Cook, only a short trip but well worth the effort. We are still catching our breath from todays scenery..............more on that tomoro. The pics are for the previous blog, remember, you can enlarge by clicking on them. Till tomoro A&M... read more
Cafe at top of Mt John
Street in Timaru
Scene in Timaru

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo April 20th 2012

Well, so much has happened since we started that it's difficult to keep it all in perspective. After dropping of our excess and unwanted items (too much baggage again!) at our friends place we set out south from Christchurch to Akaroa. Having read so much about this place we were still thrilled by the spectacular scenery on the way up the mountains and down the other side into the large volcanic waterway with Akaroa and other little villages perched on it's waterfront. Akaroa is a pretty little scenic town which had been settled by the French in 1840 and still is supposed to have descendents from that time living there. They were a tad slow in taking "possession" as trhe Brits beat them to it! The town earns it's tourist reputation from it's "French flavour" which ... read more
Canterbury Plains
enroute  Akaroa
Akaroa 1

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo March 16th 2012

Left Christchurch about 10am had roughly 200 miles to go the bike rides like a drean even fully ladend, dull weather leaving, the prospect of first long ride in the rain was not (by any means) great, reaching Mckenzie the weather seemed to break, the vistas were very much like the lake district, and scotland, although impressive no breathtaking, then bang round one corner and the world looked a different place, which it is i know nothing prepares you for this, missing you all so much, i mean this sincerly i wish the people i care for and love were with me to see this, hope my photography skills do the views justice Ta Ta for now x... read more
lake tekapo 013
lake tekapo 014
lake tekapo 004

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo January 30th 2012

Med over 120 besøg på vores sidste blog opslag, føler vi os efterhånden et pres for at levere gode nyheder fra downunder J I dag, var turens første ”rigtige dag” i New Zealand, og vi lagde hårdt ud fra start. Klokken 04.00 ringede vækkeuret, og selvom det er tidligt var det ikke noget problem at komme op, da vi dels stadigvæk er på dansk tid, samt glædede os meget til det der skulle ske… Med bus blev vi kørt 35 km væk fra Christchurch, og med vores skipper Nigel og co-pilot Jeff, var vi klar til noget vi havde set frem til længe. At opleve solen stå op fra en luftballon. En del af oplevelsen var, udover selve flyveturen, også det at hjælpe med at folde den store luftballon ud, som når det er fyldt med ... read more
En del af oplevelsen, var også at hjælpe med at klargøre ballonen.
Op og afsted :)
Pas på du ikke falder ud :)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo January 24th 2012

great trip from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo.......not a lot of mileage but every drive is really twisty........stopped at some cool small towns and scenic here in time to do a great hike up to the Mount John Observatory 1043 meters above sea level....about an hour up and quick on the way down! 360 views of Lake Tekapo, Lake McGregor and Lake Alexandrina. Staying at the Godly Hotel.......yowzer........stay tuned!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo October 26th 2011

Lake Tekapo is the most astonishing blue colour I have ever seen! The glacial flour from the rocks make it look so clean and inviting. We explored the tiny church with the best views in the world, wandered up to the statue of a dog - (a tribute to the collie breed without which the land could not be used for grazing and reminding us that we were in true farming country). We gazed in awe at the huge hills and snowy peaks surrounding the lake. With the hot thermal pools next door and lake views from our tent this was the perfect campsite for tonight. After pitching our tents we grabbed our mountain bikes and headed for the hills - it was an awesome off road ride around the lake, round a small section of ... read more
Smallest church at Lake Tekapo
Biking Lake Tekapo
Cycling Lake Tekapo

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo September 24th 2011

A slightly shorter week between games for us, with only 6 days to tour some more of this amazing country. We set off for Twizel (pronouced Twyzel), hoping to see some Maori cave art, but unfortunately erosion had caused the area of rock to collapse, which is a dreadful shame. We are planning on visiting another area when we visit Roturua on the north island though. We had planned to stay in Twizel until we met up with a lovely welsh couple whilst viewing Mount Cook and they said that we should visit Lake Tekapo a few kilometres north as there was an observatory which was worth a visit and the area was amazing. So we changed our plans and shot off there instead.......and boy were we glad we did, as we finished up going on ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo May 29th 2011

Geo: -44.0074, 170.483This morning when we woke up, it was pretty chilly. There was ice on the windshield and the car said 2 degrees. That's Celcius, not Farenheit so not below freezing! But the sky was clear and it eventually warmed up as we headed inland. Our route today took us along the coast for a bit, then headed in and south to Christchurch. There we found the Pirates Cove Mini-Golf (yes, for all you campers, it's the same kind as the one in Sister Bay!) and we played a round there. No pirates hanging in trees, but still a nice mini-golf. Once around Christchurch, we headed west to Geraldine and then to our stop at Lake Tekapo. The road became hillier and windier and we could see snowy mountains in the distance. Then we came ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Lake Tekapo May 5th 2011

New Zealand day 3 Aaaahhhh the serenity- how’s your serenity? Ours is great thanks- on the shore of LakeTekapo...bit bloody cold, but in a park again (electricity for the heater & Rays breathing machine). Keep saying we will venture out into the ‘camping’ but have yet to find a place that is suitable.....and warm. Funny that- it is autumn after all. And speaking of autumn- damn it is beautiful- yes the weather/temperature is ‘fresh’, but the colours of the tres as they change & drop their leaves is beautiful...stunning really. This morning we woke rain- bugger me.......that was a new one! It was a bit misty/overcast, but nothing that a few hours of shopping couldn’t fix. Went to a craft shop or two, tried on some merino wool products- price tag to match. Had a ... read more
NZ day 3 058
NZ day 3 061
NZ day 3 063

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