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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura November 2nd 2016

Travelled from Christchurch to Kaikoura yesterday ... the national speed limit is 100km/h but the lorries seemed oblivious, and uninterested in the advisory speed signs for bends, which made for an interesting journey on a single carriageway road and few passing places! The van rattles well, but is much more advanced than on our previous visit, is automatic and comes complete with TomTom navigation. He seems well mannered and we have named him Richard! We are staying with Richard at a beautiful campsite just outside Kaikoura called Pekata Beach... literally beach one side of our motorhome and looking up to the mountains from the other. Lots of bird life.... but seems to be mainly gulls, sparrows, blackbirds and chaffinch.... no idea where the nz crowd are hiding. Had a long walk around Kaikoura and out to ... read more
Kaikoura to the mountains
Kaikoura towards the peninsula

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura August 10th 2016

A sleep in to 8-30am thanks to $6- worth of pillows, and a $15- grey blanket, which made sleeping oh so warm and comfy. And then bacon and eggs to start the day, admiring the hard frost from the dining room window. Minus something this morning at 6-30am when nature called brrrrrr! So off on the big lap this morning via the Apollo motor home office to find out about the gas heater, get a lid for a saucepan, get a latch for the ever swinging bathroom door and whilst there use their free wifi and free coffee. I managed to drive my way there, most of the roads in Christchurch are almost the same post earthquake, but there are a few new fly overs. Off to Kaikoura for the night and through magnificent wine growing ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura June 10th 2016

Phew - its been a marathon of packing up and cleaning house, emptying the 'empty nest', and generally sorting out the boring bits of daily life. The house sitter and the mower of lawns are scheduled, and the neighbours have sorted out their rosters for picking and eating the ripening citrus fruit. during our absence. The garden beds are 'composted down' and the trees are pruned. Previously, we have only been away for a few short weeks at a time - much more planning is required when escaping for the whole NZ winter. The last few days in the Marlborough Sounds were deceptively mild with just a few heavy rain showers. Still, the weather forecast shows that winter is definitely on the way - another great reason to depart for warmer climates. We finally set off ... read more
Count the seals
Towards the blue sky
Pears Icecream and marscapone.

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura May 20th 2016

20 mai: Journée à Kaikoura. J'aime beaucoup ce coin, les montagnes d'un côté et l'océan de l'autre. J'ai décidé d'aller me promener autour de Kaikoura donc je suis allée me renseigner le matin à l'office du tourisme sur les marches à faire dans le coin. Elle m'as conseillé le mont Fyffe qui est à côté (1h de monté avec un très joli point de vue). Avant cela j'ai fait un détour pour aller voir des bébés otaries qui jouent dans une cascade. En effet elles remontent la petite rivière, jouent dans la cascade toute la journée et redescendent voir maman à l'océan pour manger. Elles étaient à croquer. Ensuite la ballade au mont Fyffe : la montée n'était pas facile parce que c'était une bonne pente tout le long et du coup pas très amusant. Mais ... read more
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Kaikoura (1)
Kaikoura (3)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura May 19th 2016

19 mai: Debout a 6h du matin pour prendre le ferry qui rejoint l'ile du sud a 8h. J'ai voulu rester au maximum dehors pour profiter des paysages, mais apres 45 minutes il faisait tres froit donc je suis rentree un peu pour prendre un cafe et me reposer etant donner que la croisiere dure presque 4 heures. Je n'ai pas pu dormir completement mais j'ai sommenele. Je me suis reveillee a temps pour l'entree de l'ile du Sud et les paysages etaient a couper le souffle. L'eau etait d'un tel bleu turquoise, les montagnes a cote et le soleil qui donnait, c'etait tout simplement magnifique. Je suis restee dehors jusqu'a la fin malgre le vent car le spectacle en valait le coup. Apres cette arrivee sompteuse j'ai conduit jusqu'a Kaikoura sur la cote Est. Une ... read more
Kaikoura (27)
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Kaikoura (40)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura May 2nd 2016

After seeing the glaciers, we headed north up the west coast stopping at a sweet little seaside town Hokitika, camping at a little further on in Greymouth. We’d been warned Greymouth was as it sounds a dull town, but on arriving quite late in the dark we had a lovely surprise to find our pitch was next to a path that led directly to a deserted beach…great. Our next plan was to have a long driving day to give ourselves time to stop, chill and relax. Something that seemed to be eluding us. NZ is a big country, and we were trying to fit a lot in, we are also battling with short days, it gets dark by 6pm, hence the long drive. So off we head north again, stopping at a weird rock formation Punakaika, ... read more
Taxi Drop off
Whale of a tail.
Manahou Abel Tasman National Park

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura April 1st 2016

R: We drove away from Jane's place and headed for Kaikoura on the east coast, on our way to Christchurch to meet Dave and Shannon who we will be travelling with for a couple of weeks. First we stopped at Pelorus Bridge, which is a wooden swing bridge over the Pelorus river, and situated between Nelson and Havelock. We had already covered this section of road, but it was amazingly dramatic with steep mountain passes and beautiful forest. When we got to Blenheim, we stopped in at our previous favourite pub for some more delicious chicken wings.... Then it was down to Kaikoura via route 1, over a scenic mountain pass and along a stunningly dramatic coast line. As we wiggled our way along, there were lookout points, some with seal colonies, but given it was ... read more
Seal close up
Kaikoura seafood BBQ
Seal time

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura March 20th 2016

Nedeljo sva izkoristila za počitek in pohod na goro Fyffe, ki se vzpenja nad Kaikouro. Visoka je malo več kot 1600 metrov, ime pa je dobila po eni od prvih lokalnih kitolovskih družin. V prejšnjem stoletju je bil na Novi Zelandiji zelo razširjen lov na morske sesalce - tjulnje so na primer skoraj iztrebili, njihovo število je po ocenah še danes (skoraj 40 let po začetku prepovedi lova) zelo nizko, le 20 % začetne populacije. Izhodišče poti na goro Fyffe je 10 minut oddaljeno od Kaikoure. Iz gozda se pot strmo vzpenja nad pokrajino, na vse strani pa se odpirajo čudoviti razgledi. Čeprav sva sprva načrtovala le vzpon do razgledne točke, sva nato pohod podaljšala do bivaka na 1100 metrih. Nagrajena sva bila z razgledom proti rtu Kaikoura, zahodni gori Manakau in južnemu Lyfordu. Vzpon do ... read more
Zahodne gore
Pogled proti Peketi
Rt Kaikoura

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura March 19th 2016

Zjutraj sva se iz Pictona podala po vzhodni obali južnega otoka proti Kaikouri. Že prihod čez hribovito pokrajino, ki ločuje sever od vzhoda, je pokazal, da je bila vremenska napoved pravilna - padavinam se do vzhoda ni uspelo prebiti. Kot že neštetokrat na tem potovanju sva bila tudi danes navdušena nad čudovito pokrajino - peščenimi plažami, ki se strmo dvigujejo v hribe in gore. Nekaj kilometrov pred Kaikouro sva ob cesti na skalah opazila tjulnje, ki se niso pustili motiti pri svojem dopoldanskem počitku. V Kaikouri sva najprej poiskala center Whale Watch Kaikoura. Center je v lasti lokalnega maorskega plemena, ki je oglede kitov začelo izvajati v prejšnjem stoletju v času krize, ki je Maore zelo prizadela. Kite imajo Maori skoraj v krvi, verjamejo namreč, da je njihov prednik Paikea prišel na Novo Zelandijo na kitu ... read more
Kit glavač

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura February 3rd 2016

For many years I have carried a mental travel wish list. I'm reluctant to call it a bucket list because it was started so long ago I was too young to consider my mortality, but tempus fugit as they say. The list is fluid and we've been fortunate to tick a few things off as the years have passed. Steve has a list too, but it tends to be of places to visit. Mine is more a list of things to see. I've never made a determined effort to seek these things out until just recently as I've begun to realise that some things on my list are just not going to happen without a bit of planning. So, while Christchurch completed our circle of South Island, it didn't complete our journey. One of the 'things' ... read more
One spume
Another spume
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