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January 2nd 2009
Published: January 5th 2009
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Happy New Year!!

Just made it through the fire and noticed that we are now faced with the hassel of being low on petrol!!! "No worries" we thought, there's a town 50km away......fast forward arriving at the dusty old town that had rudely closed up early for the New Year celebrations!!!.......Not a soul to be seen!!! SH*T with Kaikoura another 80km away what do we do????????? Ok well lets just drive and if we run out, we run out and pull over to celebrate the New year with the sheep and then we'll worry in the morning about how to get some fuel!!! this is an adventure after all?

Nic - Ok, more fool us - We've been loving it when there's been no-one around, but then hate it when we suddenly need something!!! Anyway, we set off from the ghost town fairly confident that we'd make it - until we hit the rolling hills, one after another, after another......thank goodness there was no-one else on the roads so that we could coast at least half of the way!!

With frayed tempers, and powered by fumes, we eventually rolled up into Kaikoura sometime after 9pm, refuelled and then became extremely jealous of everyone else heading out for dinner/drinks/parties and generally celebrating in style. We still had to find somewhere to stay for the night and were getting stupidly hungry, let alone gasping for a drink - it was WELL past wine-o'clock!

All good things come to those who wait, and we were rewarded with a lovely little campsite, right by the sea, and the most amazing sunset we've ever seen (Very applicable for the most amazing year we've ever had!!)

Copious amounts of goon later and we were seeing in the new year on the pebble beach, under a blanket of twinkling stars - and the rest we have to say is a blur!....well, it'd be rude not to on NYE!

Kaikoura itself is set in the most stunning of landscapes, turquoise sea, snowcapped mountains, and rugged coastline. To top it all off, it also sits at the meeting point of many sea currents and so is a massive feeding ground for whales, dolphins, seals to name but a few! We were sad that we couldn't afford to go on a wildlife cruise to see all the amazing creatures but were pleased to be in such beautiful surroundings, so when we were 'enjoying' a glass of goon in our little camping spot, on New Years day we were thrilled to see a huge pod of dolphins playing around, jumping over each other - AND then, a huge whale's tail as it flipped after coming up for air - We really are the luckiest people alive!!!

Dan - Only a couple more stops now before we cross over to the North Island for a week or so then on round to South America............eeek it's going sooooooo fast!.

More soon

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8th January 2009

Happy New Year, Globetrotters
Time do fly, people. South America beckons, then before you know it, back to old Blightly. But, hey, look on the brightside, the glass ain't threequarters empty, but one, full quarter, full. Your'e going to have a terrific time over the next couple of months, just stay well clear of them pesky drug runners and revolting revolutionaries! Don't go getting yourselves kidnapped! There just ain't no place like home, hell, you can do it all again in a year or two! Budger, I'm offering you a compliment, you're starting to look like a young Kurt Russell, (remember, Escape from New York and his character, Snake Pliskin), long hair suits you, pretty damn fine. Stay safe and have a whole lotta fun, love from the old Man.

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