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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef November 16th 2013

My luck couldn't last forever... but at least it lasted as long as it did. Saturday was forecast to rain and although the day started stunningly, I knew it wouldn't stay for long. This being said, it was not necessarily a bad day for a shower or two as I was heading north through the 2nd of my alpine crossings, Haast Pass. Leaving Wanaka, I woke past Lake Howea and back to the northern section of Lake Wanaka, before starting to climb once again. The clouds were already covering a lot of the tops of the mountains and it wasn't long until I joined them. The road weaves in and out of Mt Cook National Park, alternating between pasture lands and the temperate rainforest so synonymous with the west coast of New Zealand. One thing I've ... read more
Fantail Falls 1
Haast Pass
Tasman Sea 2

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef November 12th 2013

It is drive back to Greymouth and we use the free WIFI at the tourist Info Centre and then we think, why not get haircuts. How busy can this little town be? We had to go to 3 different hair salons before finally we found one who could fit us in. and then it was a young one who cut Ken’s and I had to do some trimming later. Mine was fine. She had been to Canada, had been to Banff and Jasper and the Icefields and would love to come back. But she forewarned us that these Glaciers in New Zealand aren’t quite the same as the Icefields. We were also told we had to have whitebait for lunch. So I had the whitebait pattie between 2 slices of white bread ($18) Nothing else on ... read more
Fog covers the mountains
Cattle driven to these plains from Dunedin in 1860 -1959
Beautiful waterfalls

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef September 11th 2013

Kia ora, wie hier gerne auch als Begruessung als Schriftzug herumhaengt und von den Maori kommt. Ist noch gar nicht so lange her, dass ich meine letzten Eintrag gemacht habe (zumindest fuer mich gefuehlt). Ich hoffe ihr habt auch alle nochmal nachgeschaut nach der zweiten Mail, ich konnte schlussendlich doch noch die restlichen Bilder hinzufuegen. Wer sie also noch nicht gesehen hat, den alten Blog nochmal anschauen. So nun aber zu meinen weiteren Taten und Reisen auf der Suedinsel. Wie schon erwaehnt sind wir noch einen Tag laenger in Picton gewesen und dann mit dem Bus weitergefahren. In Kaiteriteri sind wir jedoch gleich wieder abgesprungen und haben uns dort einem weiteren Wanderweg hingegeben, dem Abel Tasman Coastal Track. Mit der Faehre gings zum Startpunkt, an dem es dann auch schon ordentlich geregnet hat und durch den ... read more
Abel Tasman Coastal Track
Abel Tasman Coastal Track
Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef July 15th 2013

I enjoyed two long morning walks around Lake Mahinapua while Andrew awoke from his slumbers. The walk to “Swimmer’s Beach” and the “Bluebell Walk” (absent of bluebells at this time of year) were both a good way to stretch my legs and there was a beautiful reflection of the mountains in the lake before two kayakers set off from the shore. After breakfast we drove down to Glacier County. The most famous glacier in the area is Franz Josef, which is frequented by numerous gap year students wanting to clamber over the ice with crampons. For the less adventurous, there is the less physically demanding walk to view the terminal face of the glacier which also has the benefit of not costing $399 to do. The signposted walk ends about 500 meters from the glacier where ... read more
In the glacial valley
Franz Josef Glacier
The Fox Glacier

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef June 7th 2013

I've spent two weeks in New Zealand now. I probably should have done up a post a little earlier than this but I guess I'm getting towards the end of my trip and am getting even lazier than usual. After getting up at 6.30 to watch the Champions League final, my Stray bus arrived shortly during the second half to pick me up from my hostel. It was 1-1 at the time, but I wasn't surprised to hear Bayern managed to win in the end. They usually do. The bus was full, which meant about 24 passengers. They drove us outside Auckland to the Stray offices where we were given some spiel and time to mingle. At that time of the morning I really couldn't be bothered and went off to sit in a chair somewhere. ... read more
Maori House

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef May 6th 2013

Wanaka and France Joseph Glacier. As predicted Sunday was a white wash. All the plans made by Burto for kayaking, horse riding, sky jump etc all had to be cancelled. It rained almost non-stop all day. There was no point even driving up the hills to have a good view of Wanaka as the low clouds almost obliterated the view. He changed plans quickly and we went to see the "Puzzle World" an assortment of curious things starting with 3D images, faces of famous people with their eyes following you, a room which fools your sense of proportion another which mocks at your sense of balance and gravity etc. There was also a large maze where you have to negotiate your way to four coloured havens and finally find your way out of the maze. There ... read more
Fox glacier
France Joseph Glacier
Me in full swing

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef April 12th 2013

Friday, 12th April - Day Nine: Wanaka to Franz Josef, 288km (173 miles). This is glacier country. A gorgeous morning, sunny and bracing. The west coast is very different from the east. Today we cross 28 one way bridges, pass craggy rocks and high mountains, blue and green pools, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, and eventually enter Glacier country to view both Fox and Franz Josef glaciers but sadly only from a distance. In Franz Josef town, Howard and I got a private film viewing of a helicopter tour over both glaciers and Mt. Cook just because the Adventure Centre was about to close for the day and we were the last people to arrive. Hey, one paragraph!... read more
first view of Lake Hawea
Lake Hawea

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef March 28th 2013

Today is the day….I finally get to walk on the glacier! I am at the designated place at 8.30am and we are kitted out with socks, shoes, trousers, jackets, a bag, hat and gloves! We then walk over to the heli-pad and quash together as four of us head up, for our 5minute flight to the glacier. On the glacier, we put on our crampons – which were in the bag we were given, and head off, following our guide. It takes a tentative step or two to feel comfortable, walking with big metal cages on your feet, but I soon get the hang of it, and stride over the ice. You can tell we follow one of the set routes through the glacier, but I guess it has to be, guides can’t just go exploring ... read more
FJ Glacier Walk - heli reflection
FJ Glacier Walk (51)
FJ Glacier Walk (50)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef March 27th 2013

I am up, breakfasted and out of the hostel by 9am, despite by bus not being until 9.30am…..just needed to breathe some fresh air! The bus journey is only very short, at 30minutes from Fox to Franz Josef glacier, again with lovely scenery. Franz Josef feels like a big town after Fox, but with one main street and one back street behind it, in reality I don’t think you could describe it as that! Left my bags in the storeage area at the hostel, grabbed my lunch (prepared yesterday) and headed straight to the DOC office to check the track conditions of the day walk – Alex Knob Track, which I wanted to do. Being a full day hike, I knew that if I didn’t do it today then I wouldn’t have the time. In the ... read more
FJ Alex Knob Hike (9)
FJ Alex Knob Hike (6)
FJ Alex Knob Hike (3)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef March 13th 2013

Lizzie and I treated ourselves to a well-deserved lie-in after yesterday's glacier hike, James treated himself to a nice long run! Franz Joseph is a really nice town with plenty of activities to do so we had no problem filling our spare day. We set off late morning for the walk to the bottom of the glacier, it was a fairly straightforward path and the 14km walk led to some really nice views of the glacier from the bottom. It's highly dangerous and stupid tourists often ignore the ranger signs, go off track and get crushed by falling ice! After the walk we treated ourselves to a dip in the hot pools, although the 40 degrees pool was way too hot to stay in for any length of time. Baileys ... read more

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