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October 15th 2006
Published: October 23rd 2006
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So the only thing I wanted to do was go walk on a glacier for my birthday, nothing too big right?! Well according to mother nature and karma it just wasen't in the cards this year. Nathan and I took off from Canterbury, bright-sunny-warm-perfect, and headed to the west coast, as soon as we started heading over Arthur's Pass and through the Southern Alps, the weather turned nasty. Big, black, gross looking clouds holding tons of water just waiting to drop their load on us. And drop it did, my the time we made it to the Rainforest Hostel i was about in tears, how could it be raining...AGAIN! Trying to get me to cheer up, we sat in the hot tub under the storm with someother travelers from Oz, the US and Chili. Actally had a great time chatting and relaxing, the run back to our room was fun...frezzing cold in togs (swimsuit) and a towl. Went to bed thinking warm, dry thoughts.
That was not enough to ward off the storm clouds though. As we arrived at the Glacier company a group of sad faced travels came out of the door, that could mean only one thing...DOOM. Yep in fact they had cancelled all trips for the next two days due to a giant river now flowing through the glacier.
Saddened Nathan and I pack up and head home. At the Kumera crossing were we leave the west coast and head home our car starts to make wired noises and while trying to manuver around a round-about Nathan gets a very worried look on his face. We turn off accross the street from a coffee shop and try to figure out what was wrong with our car! Of course it was pouring down rain...lots of fun for car troubles. Unable to fix it we run into the cafe and ask for some help, but to the dismay of all of us, no luck. Nathan even tried to call a mechanic, but being a Sunday everyone was off duty.
Thinking fast i called the bus company i knew came through and got us on the only bus home. But while packing up our car a young woman come across the street and asks if we are heading to Christchurch and if we would like a lift back! Happily we accepted and cancelled the expensive ride on the bus and piled all our crap into their rental and headed home. The couple was from West London, super nice. Made me chuckle, Nathan and I saved again from a Eropean in New Zealand...i THink it is time we headed to Britian and returned the favors.
I didnt get to walk on my glacier, but i havent given up hope, before i leave i will walk on a glacier, no matter what!
The gang did make it up to me by a nice dinner at the Flying Burrito Brothers, margaritas and burritos all around!!


23rd October 2006

Birthday Girl
I'm sorry you didn't get to take your walk but you will always remember the birthday that never was. Aunt Judy and I had some trouble getting around in France and a Brit helped us. It's their nature. I understand you are going to Bali when your semester is over....that sounds great. Have a wonderful time.........you're stil young. Happy Birthday sweetie.
23rd October 2006

Sorry, birthday girl. The weather is just not being nice to you. p.s. I thought you had left New Zealand for Fiji!
25th October 2006

I wish
No im not going to Bali, but i am going to Fiji on the way home, i leave NZ on the 9th of Nov and then leave Fiji on the 20th of Nov, and will be home for thanksgiving and pumkin pie!

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