Fun in the van

Published: June 2nd 2006
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We have been having so much fun in the campervan- but it gets really cold at night, so have resorted to having the two sleeping bags and duvet and sheep at night, and its still cold - oh well - we are used to it being hardened british. Hey another idea of how cold it is, they gave us snow chains when we rented the van - how cool is that!!! hopefully we wont have ot use it!

Just a quick one as we are in a remote place and the net is expensive....went to see some seals and penguins today, and the moreaki boulders - beck you will have to explain them to me!!!! Star gazed last night which was just amazing cos there was literally no light polution and the sky was full of stars, saw the milky way, and southern cross and loads of shooting stars!

Having a wicked time, and have treated ourslevs to some beers as it is friday!!!!

Slaters ! xxxxx Chramanda

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2nd June 2006

Big Balls
These wonderful geological formations are in fact concretions made over millions of years, when calcium cardonate gradually formed layers over something, like a shell or a little stone (which you might find at the centre of the boulders). There you have it a massive limestone snowball kind of thingy!!!
2nd June 2006

dear amanda and chris i dont think those are rocks i think an elephant has been along that way

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