Leaving Doubtful Sound

Published: February 13th 2010
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This morning we got up and enjoyed the surroundings before eating some breakfast. We were up early, but not early enough to see the sun rise or anything. But it was beautiful out again. The boat has a crayfish pot that they check every morning, so we got to see the crayfish pot being pulled up from the water. There were a bunch of them in the cage....even a small cod shark! The skipper took the shark out of the cage, and tossed it at Adam. It landed at his feet, but he pet him before he got tossed back in the water. After breakfast we started heading back toward the cove. The other ship mate had heard dolphins while she was below deck, and we were able to find them. It was incredible to get to see so many dolphins in the wild, and have them follow and be right next to the boat. We were sad to leave the boat, but they gave each couple an extra crayfish tail to take with them, which was really nice considering the price of crayfish! We got back to the mainland around 11:30a and drove back up to Te Anau for one
Doubtful SoundDoubtful SoundDoubtful Sound

Crayfish pot
last meat pie lunch. Adam got a Steak and Cheese pie that was awesome. While we were eating our lunch outside, a couple from our boat walked by and decided to join us.

After lunch we started heading toward Dunedin, but after about an hour of driving, we pulled off at a rest stop to take a nap. It was so nice to be able to just go in back and close our eyes for an hour or so. We then continued our trek and finally made it. Dunedin seems like a really big town compared to the smaller places we've been. We got a nice campsite right by a stream. We can see and hear it from our bed, it's relaxing and nice. Tomorrow we are going to go into town and explore.

We had our crayfish for dinner, and it was really good. Once it was dark we tried to follow the path the campsite has to see glowworms, but after walking for about 15-20 minutes or so and getting led farther and farther away from the campsite into darkness and not seeing anything, we decided to turn around and go back. Oh well.

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Doubtful SoundDoubtful Sound
Doubtful Sound

Adam pets the shark.
Te AnauTe Anau
Te Anau

Meat Pies! Yum!
Giant TroutGiant Trout
Giant Trout

We drove by this giant trout statue in Gore on our way to Dunedin.

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