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January 3rd 2017
Published: January 3rd 2017
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So much to catch up on... where to start?? I think I'll break this out in a few entries so it's easier to keep up with the pictures.

I have met a lot of fun people on Contiki and have been hanging out people from all over the world.

We started our journey in Christchurch which is still rebuilding from the earthquake. There is construction everywhere, lots of graffiti and a lot of people have left the city. It's sad because it is known as the garden city but you wouldn't know that now.

We started our bus drive down to Lake Ohau. It is BEAUTIFUL here. There are rolling green hills as far as you can see and so many sheep! There are about 4 million people in New Zealand and 40 million sheep. Perfect ratio if you ask me 😊

The lake is a beautiful blue green color. The glacier moves and grinds against the stone which releases sediment into the water. This sediment gives the water it's brilliant color.
We stayed at a little lodge away from town. It was very relaxing and removed. I hung out with a group of girls that I have now become good friends with. Kathryn and Nicola are sisters from Melbourne, Bailey is from Texas, Rachel from England and Sara from Sydney. We were talking about what activities we signed up for and we're discussing canyoning. Canyoning is where you make your way through a canyon by zip lining, repel down water falls, float down the river and jumping off cliffs into the water. I said I wasn't sure if my ankle would last for that, not to mention my land coordination isn't too impressive. Sara looked at me, reached into her bra and pulled out her insulin pump and said, "I've got my pancreas in my bra, this in my ear (pointing at her hearing aid) and my legs are two different lengths. If I'm going, you're going." Touché, Sara. Needless to say, I signed up!

The next day we travelled from Ohau to Dunedin. Dunedin is a decent sized city. We went on a brewery tour to the Speights brewery. This is probably the most famous New Zealand beer. I had no idea what the guy was talking about most of the time, but the history part was cool and I liked seeing all the equipment. At the end, we went into a little bar and tried all the beers which was fun. After, we had dinner at Speights. You could chose between lamb or roasted veggies. I chose the veggies. Apparently, New Zealand is know for its lamb chops, but idk how anyone could eat them after seeing all those babies on the side of the road all day 😞

Along of drive we stopped in some cool little towns. We also stopped to walk about the steepest street in the world. That was about as miserable as it sounds haha

The next day we were off to Queenstown for 4 nights and plenty of adventures, so I'll leave that for its own post 😊

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