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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch February 13th 2015

Blenheim to Christchurch The Marlborough Wine tasting was purely an educational experience involving visiting 6 different vineyards from small privately owned properties like Bladen to larger concerns such as Villa Maria. After visiting the Aviation Centre we were picked up by Helen in a minibus and taken to Alan Scott Vineyard where we had lunch with the other scholars of wine who were sharing the tour with us. We had an amazing Seafood Chowder made from their own Sauvignon velouté. We sampled 4 wines here before eating, including a sparkling wine which was ... read more
Basking Seals
More basking Seals!
Upclose and indifferent!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch February 6th 2015

Sunday 1/2/15 Hamner Springs to Christchurch. Just one night in HS but a fairly short journey to Christchurch, after a quick look in the wool shop in town to get socks for Ben and Lizzie's new one (when it arrives). The woman in the shop was telling us that she's had to walk through waist deep snow in winter in HS!Looking forward to a coffee stop in a town like the many we have passed through already, but there didn't seem to be any! Maybe it's because of the proximity to the city but the towns we went through looked less inviting and more boarded up. Managed to find a cafe in the middle of nowhere but it seemed to be attached to some kind of theme park (a very small one). Anyway it had tea ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch January 21st 2015

V únoru 2011 jsem možná nějak mlhavě zaznamenali zemětřesení v tak divně znějícím městě v na hony vzdáleném Novém Zélandu, který mě nikdy nijak zvlášť nepřitahoval. Když si to uvědomím, 22. února toho roku uplynulo přesně 8 dní od začátku semestru a 6 dní od mého přerušení studia na Vysoké škole ekonomické (VŠE), kdy jsem se rozhodla našprtat se na přijímačky na psychologii a zkusit se dostat tam, kam to 'napoprvé nikomu nevyšlo' (tak to kolovalo u nás na gymplu). V tu dobu jsem měla pocit, že nikam nepatřím, že všichni mi spolužáci z gymplu si našli svoje vysněné obory, že já nikdy nedokončím vysokou (VŠE) a nebudu si moct na sebe vydělat. I v době mezi učením mě občas přepadla úzkost, že se nemůžu dostat - to jsem se potom musela uklidňovat, že jsem přece ... read more
Jak tu tedy popadaly okolni budovy, mistni umelci trochu prikraslily ty, ktere tu zustaly
Muj nejlepsi CouchSurfing hostitel me hned vzal na stenu - moje poprve! :))
Vsichni si stezovali na horka a sucho...3 tydny nezaprselo: prijedu ja a leje jak z konve

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch January 14th 2015

Kia ora - Hi ; Greetings from South Island, the most magical place ever! After a 3 months n a half trip, I can say that we have proudly experienced New Zealand at its best and delighted with it all! New Zealand is all about trekking, cycling, kayaking, bungy jumping, skydiving and all sorts of adventure sports- so be prepared to leave your high heels behind ! Buying a campervan was an absolute necessity for us- but it wasnt easy I have to say- Auckland was full of scams- but we managed to buy one, along 2 kayaks and two mountain bikes- might as well be equipped! New Zealand is not cheap - a half day kayak at Milford sound might cost you 200 bucks- at least ! North Island is reaaally nice if you have ... read more
2014-11-01 10.47.18

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch December 29th 2014

In less than three weeks we set off on our adventure to New Zealand and Australia. First stop is transiting Hong Kong to change planes to Singapore. We will be in Singapore for three days before returning to Hong Kong to fly onto New Zealand. We will keep you informed of our progress... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch December 16th 2014

1st December-Oh my god I can't believe it's December.....24 days 'til crimbo! :) Well last night the dude brought a girl back and I'm thinking if you pair start making noises I'm gonna have to be rude, but fair dos they were quiet. It was an early start this morning...had to meet the bus at 7am to take us to the ferry. Our bus driver was a bit late because he overslept but I didn't mind one bit because it was Dylan! Our crazy driver from when I did the North Island :) :) So I met a few people on the bus/ferry who seem nice but they're all in their little group and I kind of feel like it's going to be hard to fit in :( It's like the bay of islands all over ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch November 7th 2014

Chasing that cloud. ...or a few more clouds than we bargain for... Finally on my flight to Christchurch, which is very unremarkable except for my exit row seat. I arrive and make it through customs quickly (as long as you don't have fresh produce or soil on your hiking boots there are no snags). The plan is for me to get the rental car and drive to the hotel to meet Anjali who arrived earlier. I'm looking for the rental car company, and I hear a smart voice say, "So you're just going to walk right past me?" And there is my 5'0" gorgeous smart ass best friend there to greet me. She has her chic little furlined jacket on, and looks like an Aspen babe about to hit the slopes, and I look like a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch November 5th 2014

Barely three days after the wedding we found ourselves in the queue for security at Heathrow. All my organized packing lists ended up being discarded in favour of some last minute frantic rucksack stuffing at 1 am the night before. I figured so long as I had my passport, all would be well! Covered in confetti ( thanks mum, I bet the heathrow cleaners loved you for that!) we set off on our four month adventure. The one and only time we've played the honeymoon card so far was on the plane journey where we were treated to a plastic cup of champagne. We had arranged to stopover in Singapore for ten hours in order to take the five hour city tour. It transpired that his barely lasted one and a half hours and that it ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch October 29th 2014

We woke up at 9 and Emily, Alex, Georgina and I got ready to meet Emily's aunt Sharon. She drove us through Christchurch and we saw buildings that were hanging off cliff edges and other's that were slanted backwards, it was quite sad to see. We got out at a coastal walk at a beach called 'Taylor's mistake' and walked to 'Boulder's head.' It was nice to see a prettier part of Christchurch. We found some shells called 'Paua' which we collected for our journals. We walked down to some houses that had been there since the 1800's. After a walk for an hour or two we got an ice cream, I had a scoop of gold rush and cookies and cream. Then Sharon dropped us back in town and we had a look at the ... read more
Artwork in Christchurch
Sydney at night
Bondi Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch October 29th 2014

Om 6 uur opstaan om een Whale Watch toer te doen, en... - Geen walvis zien - Een echtgenoot hebben voor wie de heftige golven toch net iets te geweldig waren (zeeziek...) Alle chance dat we 80% van ons inschrijvingsgeld hebben teruggekregen. Anders was het wel een heel duur, ontgoochelend grapje geworden. Na een hartige lunch (om de ontgoocheling en andere dingen weg te spoelen) vertrekken we dan naar onze laatste stop: Christchurch. Christchurch centrum is in 2011 vernield geweest door een enorme aardbeving en overal in de stad zie je hier nog ravage van. Ze zijn alles aan het herbouwen of gewoon nieuwe gebouwen aan het bouwen. In plaats van te rouwen om wat verloren is, gebruiken ze deze ‘kans’ duidelijk om een nieuwe identiteit te maken. De eerste resultaten beloven veel goeds. Tussen afgebroken ... read more

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