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May 29th 2006
Published: May 29th 2006
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Just to back track at little, we had a great time in Adelaide with Ros, Chris was feeling a little bit better on Saturday, so Ros took us to Cleland wildlife park, which is a really nice park, where there is loads of native australian wildlife roaming around. We got there and had a look at some lizardy animals, and then moved outside to seethe Tazmanian devils and monitors, and there were kangaroos hopping around all over the place!!!! We bought some feed and they were eating it out of our hands -they were sooo soft, and some were really greedy! They had little teeth which nibbled but didnt bite. There were red kanagroos and grey ones and some baby little ones. We then went around to see the koalas, which were hanging out in the trees, and a lady was feeding them with a bottle. She said that they all really liked having a cuddle, as they were all hand reared, and as soon as the others saw her cuddling one, they got off their tree and ran towards her and starting to pull on her trousers for their cuddle!!!! It was really cute.

We then went around and saw the birds, budgies and massive masive pelicans!!! Then it was time to go and have a close up pet of one of the koalas, the one we had was called teddy and he was really soft, munching on his leaves!!!

Explored a bit more of the park and saw more kanagaroos, wombats and emus, and wallabies which are tidgy littel kangaroos - sooo cute!!!

On the way out of the park, we went up mount lofty - heehhehe, great name! ! IT was a bit hazy, but you coudl see all the way to the sea and had great views over adelaide. On the way back, ros took us on a tour of the city, and it is such a nice city with really old colonial type parts to it. Got back and made dinner and relaxed with a few DVDs, it was really nice to be in a cosy, clean, nice normal flat!!!!

So, we set off for the flight to NZ, all flights were ok, apart from our connectng flight to christchuirch from aukland, they said that there was a possibility we may not be able to land as there was loads of fog, but they had enough fuel on the plane to be able to send us back, or land at a different airport!!!! We did manage to land in christchurch though - phewie!!

Eventually arrived at the hostel, really late last night, and it is nice, and seems pretty central to everything. Chris is still poorly, so have been to the chemist, and will go to docs tomorrow if he is no better - 😞

Loads of photos to go on today, so hopefully they will work - has been werid lately as they have just been coming up black.

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