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March 20th 2006
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Clothes ReelClothes ReelClothes Reel

Our washer broke 3 times, but our dryer is more reliable.
When people ask us, “How are you finding New Zealand?” we often struggle to answer the question. A move into a different culture and climate has its ups and downs, and the array of feelings is hard to capture in a short reply. Instead of blurting out a lengthy response, we have coined the statement “It is the same … but different.” We have not moved to a third world country, where we might be lacking in the finer conveniences of the western world. In fact, in some ways we have upgraded. We can’t imagine how we ever lived without high-speed internet or an electric kettle.

What we do find is that New Zealand doesn’t sell Stoneyfield yogurt or Teddy’s peanut butter ... but we are getting used to Meadow Fresh yogurt and Sanitarium peanut butter. The eggs are in the bread isle of the grocery store, and Johnny rings are non-existent in the hardware store ... but life continues. The telephone company didn’t hook up our service for three weeks, but the electric company shut our power off after only two days of service. The services are the same, but the rules of access are different. Living in New

Sparkling gold cast iron wheels and blade, long black shaft, wooden roller ... for NZ$150, she came with all that pizzaz!
Zealand has challenged what we have taken for granted to “be the way things are done”.

So we have embraced our new, simpler life. We still do the laundry, but hang the clothes out to dry on the clothes reel. We still mow the lawn, but “Goldie” doesn’t need petrol to power up. We still get to work on time, but arrive on two wheels instead of four. We had a birthday dinner for Bryan, but our friends had to bring their own plates. We were initially annoyed by our refrigerator’s hourly chatter, but now Leonard’s songs are a source of comfort.

As the weeks have passed, life has normalized. It is exciting to explore all that Christchurch has to offer. We have been go-kart racing, rock climbing, bicycle riding, and walking on the beach. New experiences are awaiting us as the seasons change and our network grows. We are happy to have you as our visitor, but just remember, the guest mattress is on the floor …just like ours.

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Brithday KingBrithday King
Brithday King

Siobhan decorates Bryan and Dave looks on as we celebrate a new decade.
Bryan in PurpleBryan in Purple
Bryan in Purple

The Rimo go-karts are new to Christchurch - formerly owned by Ralf Schumacher. Bryan and his partner finished in last place because of 3 penalties.
Silke ClimbingSilke Climbing
Silke Climbing

Our German friend, Silke, leads a climb at Albert Terrace. We had Domino's pizza delivered to the craggs!
Halswell QuarryHalswell Quarry
Halswell Quarry

The Halswell Quarry has gardens from CHristchurch's 3 sister cities. It is a nice place for a picnic or to watch the dogs exercise.
Sand DancerSand Dancer
Sand Dancer

Peter Donnelly performs his skills in the sand every Sunday at low tide on New Brighton beach.
Guest RoomGuest Room
Guest Room

Brian Gonci was the first brave soul to try out our guest bed.

18th April 2006

Just found this blog with help from google! What an awsome experience for you both! Keep the stories and pics coming so we envious types can drool!!
20th April 2006

It was simpler then home.
I have been waiting patiently for a blog about when I was there. I see my humble Bungalow of a room was pictured. It was a reasonable price and the company was out standing!
25th April 2006

Wonderful Reading
Your dad just told me about your blog (my first ever) and I loved all of it. The pics are great and the narrative is fun to read. I envy you your experience. Keep it coming.

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