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March 1st 2010
Published: March 1st 2010
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Saturday, February 27th

Our first activity for the day was a walk by the Avon Heathcote estuary. There were probably a hundred Black Swans paddling around and also a whole variety of water birds. We decided to keep our eyes open for a book on NZ birds so that we know what we're looking at in future.

Back at camp we asked Dom, the owner, if there was a safe and shady place we could store Birdsy. We didn't want to be driving all over Christchurch with her on the roof and in the sun all day. He gave us a spot and we unloaded her. Luckily it gets easier each time we do it.

With Birdsy safely stored in her shady spot we went in search of a place where we could print and post some pictures for Paddy. Having destroyed quite a few piece of clothing during our active times in Karamea we and did some clothes shopping while we waited for the printing.

We picked up the pictures, got pre-paid envelopes, then drove to a picnic spot for a late lunch. Ferdi had accidentally folded the most important picture when he put them in his
Yeah right!Yeah right!Yeah right!

There's more dogs than humans here!
pocket, so after lunch we drove back to have it re-printed. Then we drove to a mall to mail the pictures and get a set of camp chairs. With that done the day was pretty much over, so we headed home for dinner, a shower and a movie in bed.

Today's highlights:
1. Morning walk by the estuary.
2. Getting everything done on our to-do list.

Thought for the day:
We're enjoying a sense of freedom and release these days. Is it because we're on a new adventure, or that we're becoming more and more in tune with God's will for our lives? We think it's a little of the first and a lot of the second.

Sunday, February 28th

Another day in New Zealand, another tsunami warning. This time because of the massive earthquake in Chile. If NZ is ever hit by a tsunami it would probably bring the country to its knees. Every major city is by the ocean and most people live by the coast. It would be disastrous.

Before we knew anything of the possible tsunami we woke with our favourite kind of spider looking down at us from the ceiling. Talita had found a liking for these "ballsy" and playful little spiders and didn't freak or ask Ferdi to kill it. Instead she merely asked him to put the little guy outside. After breakfast we went for a jog next to the estuary. There are numerous paths that criss-cross the area and we thoroughly enjoyed the jog.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent catching up with emails and doing research online. We spent some time reading and had an afternoon nap, followed by a late afternoon reading session in the sun. Dinner was followed by a shower and a movie.

Today's highlights:
1. Jogging next to the estuary.
2. Relaxing Sunday.

Thought for the day:
A study conducted by HP last year suggests that if a 100,000 people turn off their work computers before going home at night the reduction of that carbon footprint would be equivalent to removing more than a 105 cars from the roads each day. So guys and gals, shut down your PC's before heading home and get everyone in your company to do it too. There, our Greenpeace good deed done for the day :-)

Monday, March 1st

Two months of 2010 gone already! How time flies! The first day of March dawned overcast and cool. We had a good jog by the estuary again, then spent most of the day doing more research online.

After hours behind the laptop we were both tired and stiff so we returned to the Boesman for a proper reading session and some snacks. Talita cooked up a tasty pasta dinner, we had a shower and then watched another movie before snuggling up in bed.

Laying in bed a feeling of unreality washed over us, thinking of where we find ourselves and what we've done thus far. It's probably the same feeling a new dad or mom gets when they suddenly realize, as if for the first time, that they are now a father or a mother. Soon, if God wills it, we too will experience that wonderful feeling, but not just yet. There's too much uncertainty in our lives right now, and although the thought of becoming parents are extremely exciting, we'll wait a while longer before taking the plunge.

Today's highlights:
1. Making some headway in our research.

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3rd March 2010

Ons verlang
Ek bly op datum met julle blogs. Dankie, dit hou julle naby aan ons al is julle ver. Moet sê ons verlang darem nou al baie na julle twee! Baie geluk met die voltooiing van die kano. Dit lyk pragtig. Gaan julle Birdsy op die Boeing se dak vasmaak as julle terugkom? (Flou grappie!) Ek dink julle sal swaar afskeid neem. Dis nou te sê as julle terugkom. Ferdi, die herstel wat ek bespeur in jou menseverhoudings, is absoluut merkwaardig. Is dit darem nie baaie lekkerder as om kwaad te wees vir die mensdom nie? Ek wonder of jy nog kan onthou dat ek eendag vir jou gesê het dat die aggressiewe buitekant was nie werklik wie jy is nie, maar dat jy eintlik 'n sagte hart het? Ek hou van wat ek hoor! Ons vra saam met julle vir Vader se leiding in julle lewens. Groete Pa Franz.
7th March 2010

Selfde Camp site
Hi daar, ek wil julle net laat weet dat ek in daai selfde campsite gebly het en op daai selfde paadjie wat julle draf geloop het net so bietjie meer as 'n jaar terug. Dit bring baie memories terug! Het julle my mail van die 19de gekry oor die diplomas en dinge? Goedgaan daar en enjoy!

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