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September 18th 2009
Published: September 21st 2009
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Consider the finger pointing towards the moon...... don't watch the finger or you'll miss all that heavenly glory - Bruce Lee And that's exactly what we were doing, watching the finger and missing all the heavenly glory that surrounded us. Standing in the centre of some of the worlds most stunning scenery but we couldn't see it, it's not because our eyes were shut, they were open and looking but n... Read Full Entry

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Quick, Look Cute!Quick, Look Cute!
Quick, Look Cute!

Baby Fur Seal at Ohau
Still SmilingStill Smiling
Still Smiling

with a beach full of Fur seals and the Seaward Kaikoura Range behinds us!
There She BlowsThere She Blows
There She Blows

Our first ever Sperm Whale and first ever whale
Over the Hikurangi TrenchOver the Hikurangi Trench
Over the Hikurangi Trench

Depths of over 1000 metre, Kaikoura
A Jacuzzi of Dolphins!A Jacuzzi of Dolphins!
A Jacuzzi of Dolphins!

Pacific Ocean off South Bay, Kaikoura
Jumping DuskyJumping Dusky
Jumping Dusky

Pacific Ocean off South Bay, Kaikoura
Sitting PrettySitting Pretty
Sitting Pretty

Baby seal at Ohau
The Ocean FloorThe Ocean Floor
The Ocean Floor

Kaikoura Peninsula
Not Now!Not Now!
Not Now!

Fur Seal at Point Kean, Kaikoura
Lazy DayzLazy Dayz
Lazy Dayz

Point Kean, Kaikoura
Fur SealFur Seal
Fur Seal

Point Kean, Kaikoura
This Is My Best Side!This Is My Best Side!
This Is My Best Side!

Point Kean, Kaikoura
Sky of FireSky of Fire
Sky of Fire

view of Cape Campbell, Kaikoura

20th January 2010

Blog of the year 2009 for the Oceania/writing category
Check this out :)
7th July 2010

Beautiful :)
Kiaora I love your photos they are amazing. I came across your blog while looking up Gore Bay, to show my darling friend who hasn't visited the amazing spot, and he is a local here as am I. Thank you for sharing your magical adventure :) Peace xo
7th July 2010

Thanks for your kind words, we had the most amazing trip that seems a life time ago, we often read our blogs and re-live it all again and again........ It is good to know that other people are appreciating our labour of love! Kiro
19th July 2010
Best Table in the House!

Amazing Photo's
Your photo's are amazing. What kind of camera did you use? We are going to New Zealand travelling in March/April and would love to see some of this beautiful scenery. Where about are you in this photo and the one's with amazing red and colourful sunsets? Thanks Jo
24th January 2011
Cape Campbell

Fantastic view!
Woahh this is really nice!
11th April 2011
How's This For Cute?

How's this for cute?
Yep! That's pretty cute. Love it!
13th January 2012

baaa haaa haaa! Good one!

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