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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka March 20th 2011

Mar. 15 Wanaka Nelson has a competitor for my favorite NZ community. Wanaka has it all: a beautiful blue mountain lake, hiking trails, friendly community, decent shopping, restaurants, and an overall peaceful attractiveness to it. We spent our first day here doing a lot of walking. We headed out of town about 2km where we started up to the view point on Iron Mountain. This hill is about 260 m high and took a good 40 minutes to climbed to the top. But the views made it all worth while. We had a 360 degree view of Wanaka and the surrounding areas. Lakes, mountains, rivers, and fields. We then headed down the hill on a much steeper incline that took us down the hill to a place called Puzzle World. Now Puzzle World totally lived up ... read more
Wanaka Mar 15-17 047
Wanaka Mar 15-17 007
Wanaka Mar 15-17 017

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka March 4th 2009

A cheap shot but who can resist taking the puss out of the keewee accint? It's not so easy, in fact well nigh impossible, to be cynical concerning the South Island's environmental backdrops. For a bloke normally averse to sitting behind the wheel, I've taken quite a shine to slowly cruising amongst New Zealand's majestic alpine scenery. Every bend in the road leads to the requisite oohs and aahs from the front seat. One easy hour out of Christchurch and the full roll call of scenic boxes are being ticked off: . precipitous mountains - tick. . waterfalls that hang like strings of spaghetti from those mountains - tick. . babbling brooks/creeks/rivers - tick. . thick, verdant forests - tick. . deep blue mountain fringed lakes - tick. . craggy glaciers - tick. . Lord of ... read more
Glacier walk - Franz Josef
Fox glacier
Mt Aspiring National Park -

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka February 15th 2009

So we were in Wanaka from February 10-12th and had a fairly relaxing time. Wanaka is a gorgeous town because it's set in the valley next to a giant lake and it's surrounded by mountains. We didn't do too much while we were there because we were recuperating from all of our activities in Franz Josef. The night we arrived we walked around the town and then had a group bbq with the people on our bus. It gave us a chance to say goodbye to that group since most of them were leaving Wanaka a day earlier than us. Later that night, when we were outside our hostel fighting with the vending machine, we heard a familiar phrase floating through the night air: "Saskatchewan? It's in the middle part of Canada..." So of course we ... read more
Lake Wanaka
At the top of Mount Iron
At the top of Mount Iron

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka August 26th 2008

With heater running all night, we awoke next morning to a warm comfortable motorhome. That was until I opened the door and stepped outside onto a layer of lovely white fresh snow, and the temperature touching around minus three degrees. Even though it was so cold, the sun was shining bright causing the snow to melt very quickly. With such a beautiful morning, we were anxious to get on the road early to take full advantage of the magnificent weather we were lucky to be experiencing. After a quick breakfast, we were on our way to Mt Cook. The road out of from Lake Tekapo took us across the MacKenzie basin, an elliptical intermontane basin,lying between towering snow covered peaks. After travelling about 50kms through the basin, we were again gobsmacked as we turned a bend ... read more
Lake Pukaki/Mt Cook
Lake Pukaki Visitor Centre
Mt Cook from the Visitors Centre

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka December 2nd 2006

My first real New Zealand hike is one of my favorites so far. This was the hike with the 5 fords on the dirt road to the trail head and my famous and inspiring friend Traci from Alaska and another girl Leah from Canada (a born again Christian engaged to be married upon her return to the states) described in a previous email. The weather was a bit cloudy and we missed a lot of the views on the way up but it made the way down that much more fun. Looking back at my diary, my anxiety about my health has certainly diminished since this early point in my trip which is encouraging. After the hike Traci and I went for an obligatory beer in town (which turned into a few) and then ravaged the ... read more
The sheep you have been waiting for.
Rob Roy

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka June 26th 2006

Check out the views. No cotswolds but awesome nonetheless!!!... read more
Siamese Twins
Team H

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka March 17th 2006

Finding Matt Marshall Matt came to New Zealand to "find himself". I love that. Now, although Matt hasn't directly said that out loud you just know it. What he did say was "I don't know what I want to do, or where I'm going.. blah...blah..blah..." at this point, most people including myself shut off. It's a defensive mechanism that saves everyone a lot of time and heartache. We get the idea Matt. But to really seal the deal, at the start of the trip whilst in Central Otago, Matt said "I fancy doing a WOOF." Working on an Organic Farm. As I understand it - you spend the day picking fruit and vegetables and they give you food and a place to stay. As if that wasn't enough "finding yourself" material he then told us of ... read more
More great photography
Them Pesky Kea
The middle nowhere.

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka February 26th 2006

The day i rolled out of Queenstown i was enlightened a bit. Talked that morning with this crazy, hard core eco-challenge guy, a local. He told me of crazy endurance challenge races the south island has to offer. I am out of luck on some but there is one he likes to do by himself that is an absolute challenge. With an early start, you have the way to yourself. At the turnaround spot you have one of the most beautiful and spiritual views in this country. On a clear day that is. Which is rare. So, this is the last weekend of the summer. Autumn begins tomorrow. So i celebrated the end of summer with a test of will. The last sunny day for awhile. Woke at 6am An hours' drive from Wanaka got me ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka February 12th 2006

Caute! Uz je tu februar, asi aj u vas:) Tu sa detom skoncili letne prazdniny a nastupuju do skoly tak vsade citame hesla Back to school a pod. :) My sme sa presunuli z Queenstownu do Glenorchy, kde je zaciatok vela znamych chodnikov, vela z nich vedie udolim a to nas nebavia tak sme si vybrali tie co vedu po kopcoch alebo aspon na nejaky kopec. Tak sme navstivili Mt. Alfred, z ktoreho je paradny vyhlad na okolite kopce a udolia siroke jak novozalandska krava :) Tych je tu plno a uz nam lezu na nervy lebo sa nechcu uhnut z cesty a vsetko dokonca na nas uz jedno tela chcelo zautocit, ale sme sa nedali :) A tam sme spravili aj jednodnovy vylet na Roterburn track tentokrat z druhej strany a oplatilo sa. Potom ... read more
Pohlad z Mt.Alfreda
Routeburn track
Cesta z Queenstownu do Glenorchy

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka January 31st 2006

today has been a day of rest, recovery, errands, email, and a short hike. meesh and i decided in the afternoon to go for a walk....we ended up with amazing views of mt aspiring from the top of a very short hill. it took us an hour or so to get to the top (no stopping, much sweating). we walked amoung sheep and shrubs giving the funny feeling that we were in an alpine zone....though it was clear that we weren't. it's amazing how dry it is here in wanaka. we are between mountain ranges and it rains heaps on either side of the ranges....but not here. everything is dry. as i came up over the hump of the hill we were climbing (michelle taking her time further down) mt aspiring affronted me. a seemingly huge ... read more
mt aspiring
looking out

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