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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula March 9th 2022

Prospects looked good as the sun came up for a day out and visits to places we had never been to before around Christchurch. And one thing you can definitely say is that Christchurch has a great bus service that transports you in a straightforward manner and buses appear well patronised. Following the major earthquakes 11 years ago there has been a considerable amount of rebuilding in the close to the city suburbs. All of the new builds in and around Bealey Avenue, which is roughly a kilometre to the centre of the CBD, are compact buildings of apartments, some up to 3 stories high. But it seems to work and there didn’t seem to be any unoccupied or awaiting a sale. Our first stop planned today is the Gondola in the Heathcote Valley at the ... read more
Edging further skywards
Gondolas below and passing by
Lyttelton and in the distance Diamond Harbour from the top of the Gondola

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula March 3rd 2018

As always happens, the trip gets in the way of writing up the account. So almost a week has passed in blog time and I realise I have no chance in catching up. In an effort to ensure the blog is complete before I tell everyone about the trip in person, here is a synopsis of the past few days. I am now sat in our bedroom in the Oinako B&B in Akaroa on the Banks peninsula, just SE of Christchurch. It’s a glorious day and Pam and I took a boat trip to spot the rare Hector’s Dolphin (the world’s smallest and rarest ocean mammal), little blue penguins (also the smallest) and fur seals earlier today. I think she is now somewhere in the village eating mussels and sipping Rosé. To look at, as we ... read more
Lake Tekapo from Astro Cafe
Milford Sound

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula November 10th 2014

Yaeh, we are on our trip and setting up a blog site... we will try to see if this post works, and then, if it does, we will provide snippets of our lives as we travel around NZ!!! XXX M, J, E and R... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula December 27th 2013

Following the stunning beauty of Kaikoura and our Xmas day sunshine, we started boxing day watching albatross and whale, and finished off in the middle of a francophile filled volcano cone. Like an ice cream but without the flake. Apparently the French 'bought it' from the Maori in 1838...not in the military sense, you fact in that sense the Maori 'bought it' from a rival Maori tribe, virtually wiping out the locals, and somehow the British then nipped in and nicked it from everyone..under a sleight of hand called the treaty of Waitangi. Any roads, the subsequent descendants of the original FESMs decided to preserve their heritage and, it has to be said, have slightly overdone it. A beautiful South eastern NZ seaside town ( which does, actually sit in an extinct…we hope..volcano), has rues ... read more
RC kirk in Akaroa
Typical Akaroan Building
Alo alo alo

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula December 16th 2013

Monday 16th December, 2013. Akaroa Harbour Boat Trip & Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula, South Island, NZ D went and purchased our tickets for the Nature Cruise on the Fox II from the Chez la Mer Warden, Sarah. We then made our way to the wharf via the Custom's House (part of Akaroa Museum). This was built in 1852 and is one of Akaroa's oldest heritage buildings. The door was open so we did as the sign said and went inside to view the interior which was full of original items from the time. Once on the wharf we joined the half dozen or so other passengers waiting to board the vessel. The Fox II is New Zealand's oldest gaffed rigged ketch (a sailing craft with 2 masts). It has 2 wooden masts and 6 sails. M ... read more
21a Hector's Dolphins
24. M at the Helm
46.  D in Doorway of Whakaata, Okains Bay Museum

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula November 9th 2013

"I'm sorry.... all the bars and restaurants in the city centre are closed". How silly do you think I felt, completely forgetting that Christchurch endured a massive earthquake not more than 18 months ago. The city is still well and truly in restoration and repair mode with streets still being blocked off or reduced to one way, and entire city blocks behind fences as buildings that are propped up with scaffolding are either being repaired of waiting to be demolished. It was crushing to see some beautiful old churches with entire sides hanging out from the main structure as well as the sense of defeat that was almost palpable in the air at the loss of some of the city's best landmarks. Drinks forgotten, I spent the night thinking 2 things.... that people are resilient and ... read more
Banks Peninsula 5
Glencoe Campsite 2
Akaroa 5

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula January 16th 2013

Well, all good things come to an end. In the morning we drive (my last time on the left) to the Christchurch airport (1 hour) for our flight to Auckland. 3 hour layover then Air Tahiti 6 hours into Tahiti 2 hour refuel. 8 hours to LA. 3 1/2 hour layover. United to COLRADO Springs. Then into Denver. I think 26 hours total. Interestingly, We arrive in Denver before we left New Zealand. (Time travel) Thanks for following our travels these last few months. It was nice to have you along. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. You only saw a small amount. I'm sure I am in the 5000 category. Will have a lot of fun sorting them out. I feel a book calling me? Here'Gloria with a few words God bless Lowell I just want ... read more
Follow the leader

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula December 13th 2012

We stayed last night at Akaroa, on the Banks Peninsula near Christchurch. The Banks Peninsula is the remnants of two extinct shield volcanoes and the campsite is right in the very centre of one caldera. At the height of volcanism, 8-11 Ma, both volcanoes were islands that merged. The Akaroa cone was erupted to the SE causing the sea to invade the centre of the cone when it collapsed to form a caldera. What a view we had from the camp site high above the harbour! You don't get a view like that everyday when you wake up in Manchester. Breakfast on the 'upper morning terrace' was also something I will long remember. Sadly the effects of the first Canterbury earthquake of 4th September 2010 is still evident in Akaroa. The hospital has been closed, many ... read more
Breakfast on the terrace
Akaroa harbour at night
Into the caldera

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula August 19th 2011

I luv being here, New Zealand such a beautiful place. It is a heaven for nature-lover and animal-lover. The scenary is so nice, with warm people, so happy to be here indeed. =)... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Banks Peninsula July 2nd 2010

Today was a day of finding, not finding, clues and hairy armpits. It started with a fabulous sleep-in in a cosy bed while outside it was below zero. The inventor of the electric blanket should be given an award! The girls had planned a shopping trip for shoes (three generations of them - girls I mean). Some gut instinct told me I (and the boys) wouldn't fit in so instead after receiving a generous snak-pack from Penny, the boys and I drove over to Lake Forsyth and Birdlings Flat. I wanted to let Joseph have a fossic for the agates and petrified wood that can be found there on the beach. Liam must have been still recovering from jet-lag because he fell asleep almost straight away in the back seat, while Joseph and I enjoyed the ... read more
Birdlings Flat Beach 2
Birdlings Flat Art
Lake Ellesmere

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