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March 4th 2015
Published: March 4th 2015
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Hi everyone, were in New Zealand, South Island. Flew into Christchurch yesterday, got our rental car. Mmmmmmm, we booked an older model, cos either I'm like 'Driving Miss Daisey' or Stu is 'Crazy white van man', so the cheerful rental guy said this was a step up from Stu's van, he was right, a 2003 Nissan saloon, automatic. Rental man said he wouldn't bother counting the scratches and dents already on there. I thought smart guy, because there will be more when we bring this old clobber back !!! I haven't driven auto for about 35 years, but Stu said, it was no problem and he would drive. Off we go, first we went the wrong way, turned back, bit of a hairy ride first of all, we couldn't work out who to Give way to. Stu said 'it's dog eat dog over here', Well actually it's not, anyhow after he got the hang of it, we bimbled along quite nicely. Up and up into the mountains we went, very steep, couldn't look down, Stu was keeping to the speed limit but was a bit near the edges. I was a bit scared but not as bad as I am at home with his driving !! Then we drove down and down, about an hour and a half later we arrived at this most beautiful place called Akaroa, (Google it). We found our accommodation, mmmmmm, here we go again, we were shown to our bedroom outside in the garden, oh yes very unique, it was exactly like our summer house but with a bed in it and that was it. OK, you may be thinking, this is not what I'm used to, however after a good nights sleep in it, I'm rather attached to it. Oh and the bathroom and toilet is also outside! me and Stu had to get the torch to go to the loo in the middle of the night. It's an adventure !!! Anyhow going back to last night, we wondered down the little high street, went to a great bar and had our dinner. It's much cheaper over here, our room is £35 for both of us a night. Don't forget we're on our budget !!

Akaroa is a quaint little town where the first French settlers stayed. Infact the whole place seems to have French people here and the place itself is based on a French village.

Today we're going to go exploring here, we were going to drive to Christchurch but this is really beautiful so staying here.

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