Able Tasman

Published: August 28th 2006
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Able Tasman

Path we followed

Frozen TentFrozen TentFrozen Tent

Ya this was the highlight of the trip for me. We got to the small town at the base of Able Tasman after it was quite dark out. And since we brought the tent we thought we would camp but all the camp site offices were closed so we just drove and found a camping area that we thought was nice. Since it was so dark out, we parked the car and I got my flash light out and we walked around to look at the stars and to find a place to set up the tent and find the restrooms. Locked the car up and headed off. We got back to the car and realized that I locked the keys in the car. So we walked back down the road to find a phone and ended up finding a british guy that had a hanger. He helped us out and picked the lock. Then we got everything out and went to bed. In the middle of the night part of my bag was touching the side of the tent and I woke up to my bag frozen to the tent. The tent it self was pretty frozen as well. We
Wet TentWet TentWet Tent

Tent after it defrosted.
couldn't dry it off then so we just packed it up and headed off to get on the water taxi.

We took a water taxi in the morning out to Togo Bay in Able Tasman walked out for the next two days. The trail was along the coast and the trail went from bay to bay. We started off in Tonga Bay and went south hiking up the hills and then down in to a bay and then back up the hills and down into another bay. It was great. Tons of birds and tons of silver ferns and other exotic trees. A few points in the trail you have to hit at the right time to cross over the beach durring low tide. The picture that I said was my favorite was durring high tide and we ended up having to take to long way around that bay. In the picture there is a little sandbar sticking out on the right. You end up straight from where we were to the other side of the water durring low tide and we ended up having to curve around the water and walk another hour more. We stayed the night at Anchor Bay at a hut. There are two other places to stay there. one is a big boat that the owner lets people stay in for a fee and gives them a simple dinner and the other place is a hotel on the top of the hillside. The hotel is a few dollars more than we had in mind so we stayed in the hut and had romen for dinner. The next day was more of the same hiking from bay to bay and looking at all the water and trees and greatness.

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Water taxiWater taxi
Water taxi

Tractor pulling water taxi out to the water durring low tide.
Boat droping us offBoat droping us off
Boat droping us off

Seal's island is in the background.
Sun Star Fish in the waterSun Star Fish in the water
Sun Star Fish in the water

The beach that we were droped off at was filled with starfish.

Cool looking bird but I don't know what it is.
Ooooo a silver fernOoooo a silver fern
Ooooo a silver fern

Don't I look great. I was hot and had no shorts.
Low tide areaLow tide area
Low tide area

We had to cross this area which wasn't bad because it was low tide. But durring high tide this is filled with water.

My clean new boots found a spot that was not as firm as I thought it was.

I think thats what it is.

7th September 2006

Nathan you keep talking about "Sandra" I thought you were with Cassandra!!
7th September 2006

Large group
I'm here with a large group. There is Me, Cassanrda, Nathan, Sandra, Nate, Cas, Greeney, and more.

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