The Sheer Amazingness of Abel Tasman (Part 2)

Published: October 5th 2017
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* QUICK RECAP * Drove to Cobb Dam, saw Kiwi, stopped at the top and it was blowing a gale! After a decent tramp around, I decided (in a middle aged British way) to pass on kayaking in a freezing reservoir and head for sunnier, warmer temperatures and the beauty of Abel Tasman National Park. Situated on the Northwest peninsula of South Island, Abel Tasman has always struck me as being particularly warm in both climate and hospitality. I was not disappointed. Having bucketed it down the previous night at Motueka, I knew that my Fox Wings were wet so I decided to stop off at a sunny spot to allow them to dry a bit. As I wended my way through corridors of vineyards and hops, I spotted a particularly sunny overlook of one of the bays within Tasman and duly stopped, lunched, coffeed and repacked my wings. I have started to be a little concerned that the stitching in the bottom left corner of the Fox Wing carry bag seems to carry a huge amount of strain when you close the wings up. I will have to keep an eye on that!

Onwards to Tasman and the sheer joy (not) of unpaved roads. Poor old Katie was suffering after the Cobb Dam road and these were, if anything, even steeper and rougher. We went on and discovered hidden coves, simple 2km walks of outstanding beauty and a clear lagoon for which the kayak was duly unstrapped and plunged into the water. It took all of 47 seconds for me to remember that this was still early Spring in New Zealand and the water was COLD!!! I hadn't packed my wetsuit (fool) and in nowt but my togs and an Underarmour vest happily paddilled around until I was too cold to continue. Thank the Lord for the free hot showers at the DOC site... oh hang these were infact COLD, despite the claims of heat but no matter, duly unsalted I carried on.

I did a long, circuitous route back to Motueka and I decided that I could truly stay in this wonderful little town for a long, long time. It was, however, time to leave and head down towards Nelson Lakes and onwards.

Peace and love


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