Come on a boat trip this time.

Published: February 18th 2011
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Thanks everyone for the compliments on the fotos- especailly from you Colleen cos I know your fotos are stunning, and its great the way people who havent met are talking to each other via the comments... I havent seen any cannabis here, Jocelyne - is it that you are the expert !!!! Bob and Prill are bravely cycling around the South Island - I think they are on the Otago trail rght now - They will only have a few days in the North - doing Tongaririo Xing...will send you their UK mobile number that they have with them.
Suzanne H- new car indeed - wot kind??- good luck to Kate for Melbourne.
Wilma - miss all you girls and you watch out for the kookaburras down there at the beach.

So this was written yesterday and now I am in Hanmer Springs - an alpine village- campsite is surrounded by mountains everyhwere I look - lovely - got 24 hr wifi so here goes catching up.

Written 17th Feb. Abel Tasman Park
Is my spatial awareness fading or are these roads driving me round the bend!!!!! Up early this morning and away to tackle the drive over Takaka Hill – why do they call it a hill -it’s a bloody mountain…25 kms of hairpin bends going up and down..and to top it all there are road works so lots of new surfaces with gravel flying up and no road markings and also traffic lights, and cones to keep you on your toes even pilot cars to take you along through the road works in places. So I was thinking as I drove along at the start– oh goodie I am on the inside of the road so no scarey drops on my side then after a few bends there I was driving on the outside bit with the edge …so it’s been puzzling me all day – how does that happen??? And I wasn’t driving on the wrong side fo the road. So eventually I got down the other side and headed for a little bay where the boat trips were – and heavens yes it was up and down over another “hill”- another 10 kms….I was praying for a bit of straight road- even a bit of M25 would do ( that’s desperation for you).. The good thing about it is that it is all so beautiful wherever you look.
But it was all worth it – I just made it for the 10.30 boat which was, funnily enough ,on a trailer in a parking lot –pulled by a tractor and launched into the sea. These bays are shallow and with a 4 m tide there is no water there at low tide so the tractor has to pull you across the bay when you come back. The guy in charge said come up the front Lynne- since I was last on the boat…but then he told me it was the bumpiest seat. And yes it was VERY BUMPY…the boat is going about 55kmp and bouncing off the waves so it was a bit of a shock to the old back until I got the hang of how to sit and brace my feet and bend my knees and hang on. ( Still maybe that’s what my back needed – a good old shakeup- equivalent to spending money at the chiropractor). We travelled all along the coast of the Abel Tasman National Park – people walk the track there in 3 days. We stopped to let people off in various bays and pick up, also we went to an island which has a seal colony – all in all it was 3 hours of wonderful scenery..lots of people kayaking there – but I had decided that I would rather do the boat trip along the whole coast. And then the WOW moment – we were heading further out as whales had been sighted…and after a few minutes wait three Orcas surfaced right alongside the boat…AWESOME – I couldn’t believe it. I got some great video of them. That was some bonus – not what I had expected at all. So back to dry land a bit shaken up – and the tractor pulled us in across the bay and it was time for a nice lunch of green lipped mussels cooked in wine with garlic bread.
And so I said goodbye to Abel Tasman Park and head south and west – a different route back to Christchurch from the one I had travelled previously…a really lovely road through forested river valleys, mountains all around ( or hills) farmland and winerys… neat little towns… a bit up and down but some nice straight stretches of road. So now I am at a little town called Murchison and in a neat little campsite next to a little animal farm with chooks and ducks and sheep and emus.
So I probably wont get on the internet until tomorrow so I will save this for then. Night night everyone– Happy Birthday Raymond. Glad you are liking Sydney and the ferries, Marilyn!!!

Love Lynne xxx
PS I see there is a thing for videos on this site so I am going to publish this now and try to do another on for the video of the Orcas.

Additional photos below
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18th February 2011

Emu confusion
Hey, what is an emu doing in NZ. Lynne you will confuse your readers with that one!! At least they are not road kill like our poor ole possums... and made into socks. Speaking of which I hope you have bought yourself a pair of possum socks Lynne.
18th February 2011

Sounds as if you are having a wonderful trip Yes those orcas are magnificent. Love Bev & Peter
19th February 2011

ups and downs
So glad I wasn't with you on that choppy boat trip even though you saw such gorgeous things- I'm the world's worst sailor (although have taken boats on my travels when it was the only way to see the wildlife). I know what you mean about mountain roads though, I always wonder how that happens in the Cevennes - I'm on the inside on a series of hairpins and then I'm on the outside. Seems to be when you change valleys and end up on the other side of one - I think! Agree about your gorgeous photos, I just love them. Do you get lonely at all in your campervan or does the camping community keep you entertained? Carry on camping! Sue xx
22nd February 2011

Are you ok?
Hi Lynne Sorry to be a worrier but I just wanted to know that you are ok. I have been watching the TV all day and the devastating earthquake. I pray you are well and happy and a long way from Christchurch. Love Susan
22nd February 2011

hope that you aren't near the earthquake
Dear Lynne, I hope that you aren't near the earthquake.I haven't heard a lot about it as I haven't been near the TV but I have heard bits and pieces. The world seems to have gone mad.Kate is settled and so tired from O week, she will need a holiday before she starts. I bought an Aurion "Touring" Toyota.I am looking after it very nicely. Love from Suzanne
22nd February 2011

Beautiful photos
Hi Lynne, these particular photos are wonderful - Abel Tasman looks fabulous. Suz text this morning to say you were okay but had been in the cathedral just minutes before the earthquake. I bet you are pretty shaken up. Just wanted to say I am so glad you are okay, it's obviously not your time yet! Take care and keep positive. Hils x
22nd February 2011

Hi Lynne, Were you any where near Christchurch yesterday, when the quake hit.? Kind Regards, Wilma.
23rd February 2011

how are you?
Lynne hope all is ok with you in NZ. Am sure there are many concerned friends of yours waiting for your next blog. take care, wait to hear your news
1st March 2011

dear pal - it looks like paradise...........take me with you nest time xxxxxxxxx

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