They say it's your birthday

Published: April 19th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

February 28th Saturday.

Here ‘em singing Happy Birthday
Better think about the wish I made
This year gone by ain’t been a piece of cake.
Every days a revolution
Pull it together and it comes undone
Just another candle and a trip around the sun.

sung by Jimmy Buffett

How true… I was going to do the Beatles “they say it’s your birthday” but this seemed more appropriate. Up at around 7:30 - Obligatory coffee and check in at the park office. The plan is a day in the park sea kayaking and walking. It has started to rain and the forecast promises it will not get any better, if not worse. Plan B. Further to the west, over a winding (as if any of them aren’t) mountain road is Golden Bay and Takaka. Migrating West from San Francisco in the late 60’s a hippie colony settled here and the lifestyle continues. Where else could I find a local growers market with everything organically grown? Hippies, being prone toward creativity have also established quite an artist colony here. Some really great stuff! Surprise for you Miss Carla. Shipping direct so there is an outside chance it will be there before I am. If so lay on it’s side to open. There is supposed to be a Shangri-La like view of the area but it was shrouded in clouds when I came in this morning. We’ll see if that changes. It didn’t, however I had a great day milling around, eating at an interesting café and driving out to Pupu Spring. Some of the purest water on Earth bubbling up in the midst of a tropical grove. Back in Marahau I decided to drive to the end of the beach road. Good thing as there was a warm feeling café where I had a long black and read my book. Deciding to come back for dinner I discovered from talking to the guy at the bar (6’ 3” blond guy from Texas) that there was entertainment tonight in the form of another American. Back to camp, shower, clean cloths, hay you have change every 3 or 4 days don’t you? Back at the café and “Trooper” is tuning up, a guy in his late 30’s who had apparently traveled and played around the Caribbean, Central America and New Zealand. With wild frizzy hair his style was sort of extemporaneous, often using his guitar as a drum. He was joined by Harmony, who I had an opportunity to chat with, playing harmonica, violin, and drums. Harmony was definitely a child of the ‘60s who never found his way back home. Good music, good fish, good wine, good night. A fitting close to #66.

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Birthday entertainmentBirthday entertainment
Birthday entertainment

The boys in the band Celebrating my 66th

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