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November 26th 2011
Published: November 28th 2011
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Tina Writes For the past two weeks we have been travelling the North Island in our van ‘Donkey’. After our first nights campervanning, we headed further north, in fact we went to the most northerly part of NZ, Cape Regina. It was a nice drive up. We parked and headed down to the lighthouse and lookout point. There was information everywhere about the traditional Maori views about this area. T... Read Full Entry

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28th November 2011

New Zealand looks so clean and bright. Did you do a lot of Samwise impressions while you were at The Shire?
28th November 2011

I love you Mr Bauer
Kirsten, i'm guessing this is you.
28th November 2011

Have you Hongi'd a Maori yet?
28th November 2011

I haven't hongi'ed one yet, no. I don't think i'll get round to that actually.
28th November 2011

a wee cheap and nice dinner
Al you need is 1 potato , 3 eggs and oil- chop up potato, skin on, into wee cubes fry it in quite deep oil for about 10 to 13 minutes.Drain oil off so you can reuse it. Beat up eggs and pour into pan ( you can add wee bits of bacon or chicken or any other meat or veg too) cover pan so steam cooks it all through- voila 5 minutes later you have a spanish tortilla, flip the pan onto a plate so the nice panny shape is on top and slice and serve with salad or sweetcorn or Glesga salad(chips/crisps)
28th November 2011

Thanks Clair, i'll try that.
28th November 2011

Thanks for the detailed information
I have been following you blog and just got around to Recommending you. My wife and I will be traveling through New Zealand and Sydney, Australia along with the South Seas Islands next October for our 40th anniversary, so the details you provide help me to plan our trip. We will also visit South American in the not to distant future so we will refer back to those blogs too. We've lived in Southeast Asia for years so will enjoy reading your blogs once you get there to get your impressions. We also lived in Europe for 18 years and enjoyed trips to the Untied Kingdom.
28th November 2011

Thanks so much for your kind comments. Makes my day when I see other people are enjoying the blog and not just family and friends (who are required to :-P ). Your recommendation is really appreciated and will get me back on the front page with the new requirements, so thanks very much!!!
29th November 2011

Good to be on the road
Looks like your adventure continues. NZ is the best. We will be following along.
30th November 2011

Hobbitland looks perfect for all the Metcalfes wi their wee Meccy legs, a mass migration looks on the cards since there appears to be plenty of social housing available. I'm volunteering your Mum to lead the way. Enjoy yourselves, Pops.
4th December 2011

I want a Tim Tam..... Donkey looks super cute too. We are enjoying the adventure with you although I sooo want to be driving along in donkey with you both. :-b x

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