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January 23rd 2008
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A very civilised breakfast on our lovely terrace
There is not much I can say about today - as we had a lie in we made the most of it and when we finally got up we took a stroll into the town and picke up croissants and oj for brekkie and visited the butcher and grocer for our tea that evening.
After going back to the room we had breakfast on the terrace and then made our way to the beach to catch some cloud rays!!!! It was very warm and the sun was desperately trying to peek through so we thought that we would make the most of our day off.
After walking down the beach we came to a great little bit of sand and set up camp. Across from the beach there were two islands that you can walk to when it is low tide - it was about this time and there were loads of people making their way across.. we decided that this was far too strenuous though and we were more than content watching them!!! I did a lot of reading and there were a couple of snuffles from Woody so I expect he did some sleeping!!!! We really did nothing more
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Whngamatta beach. At low tide you can walk accross to this island.
than that all afternoon - it was bliss!!!!
At about 5pm we realised that we had nothing to drink so made our way back to the local watering hole and a beer with the locals!! We then visited the liquor store for refreshment to go with our bbq.
When we got back we started the bbq up and we had bought sausages, burgers, pork and lamb and loads of salad..... after a good chargrilled bit of meat we were very happy and had a lovely evening sitting outside eating and chilling. After the last rays of sunlight went we moved inside and watched a bit of tv and after such a strenuous day had an early night!
What a perfect way to end our last night in NZ!!!!


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