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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 28th 2013

Saturday December 28th, 2013. Crossing the Cook Strait to Wellington, North Island, New Zealand Woke up this morning and it was chucking it down. We checked out of the YH and then went into town for breakfast in one of the cafes. A couple of cheese and bacon toasties - lovely. Our ferry was at 1.10 but we had to check in at the latest at 12 noon. We had a few hours to kill so we went for a drive down the main highway 1 in the other direction to see some new stuff. Then we turned up at the ferry terminal only to be told that the boat was late and that we needed to come back at 1.45. It was still raining so we decided to go to Picton Aquarium (as it was ... read more
6. Tuatara, Picton Aquarium
7. Tuatara, Picton Aquarium
8. D on the Ferry

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 19th 2013

Please read this in conjunction with the previous blog. I have discovered that the photos for September on didn't appear on the previous blog. Bugger Bugger bugger. My computer and I don't get on to well together sometimes. So a review of the past year that ends in August don't look good. Remember also that I have a new mail address. Happy happy days, the sun is shining. Pip/Rod... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 17th 2013

Greetings to you all and I hope that the Festive season treats you all as you would wish. This time last year Chris, Hege and the girls had arrived and Rune and Lillen were nearly here. It was magic and we trust that this year will be the same for everyone. This year we will be in Gisborne were Warwick and Pam have planed Christmas with Jeremy, Amy, Brad and Sarah and the kids. It will be fantastic, so lets hope for good weather. I have not been doing much lately, hence the lack of blogs. So 2013 has almost finished and 2014 is on its way. We need to get planning our holidays for the coming months. I have been thinking back over the last year and I really do think that I am very ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 11th 2013

Hi guys...I'm still alive. Been let out of the boot after a long journey and am now in well named Windy Wellington. Last night in Napier, the art deco capital of the world, rebuilt in 1931 after destroyed by earthquake. Whole place seemed to shut down at 5 pm, except an Irish bar where we found some food. Wish I was back in the Amazon, which was my favorite place so far. People were brilliant and wildlife not as scary as I thought would be. The earth moved for me in Iquitos when a couple of small tremors triggered the seizmo alarms in the airport whilst waiting for flight back to Lima. Didn't like Lima as too chaotic. Least said the better..a 4 letter word I want to forget. New Zealand. Likes, landed safely.…Auckland OK...Bay of ... read more
A statue
Art Deco City
another fine example

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 1st 2013

Complementary breakfast at this hotel on a special deal we got relating to the Wellington soccer team having a home match! For a free gift it was remarkably good - obviously had the buffet omelette but in this case it was brought to the table by the chef himself with the words "here is your ham and cheese omelette topped with a little avocado oil and finished with a sprinkling of micro greens (or cress to you and me)"! Once we had completely over eaten we headed off to the cable car (yes our third of the trip, can you remember where the other two were, answers at the end of the page). It runs right from the centre of the city, right behind McDonalds and has been in service since 1902 although it was completely ... read more
Ian boarding the tram
Botanical garden
I should have brought my jumper!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 30th 2013

So today is our second big train journey of the trip. This is the one that Ian really wanted to do because the man in seat 61 really rated it. It runs all the way down from Auckland to Wellington and, like the Sunlander, takes about 11 hours. After the disappointment of the Sunlander I was slightly nervous as we headed out in the taxi for our 7.30 check in. First impressions were good. The train itself was far more modern and more tailor made for viewing with big picture windows as well as a proper open observation car at the front. Having checked our luggage we settled into our seats and waited to set off (so we could get breakfast from the cafe car!). Also the majority of the travellers were tourists as opposed to ... read more
View from my seat.
Another view
And a final one!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 20th 2013

Bonsoir a tous, je sais, ça fait bien longtemps depuis mon dernier message, je m'en excuse bien bas, avec la dernière semaine que j'ai passer en nouvelle Zélande, je dois vous dire que j'ai couru pas mal. Mais pour continuer dans l'ordre de ce que j'ai fais dans ce magnifique pays qu'est la Nouvelle-Zélande, avant de quitter l'île du nord, j'ai été faire un tour au musée de Te Papa, musée national qui est situé a Wellington, en plein centre-ville. Bien qu'il y ai plusieurs sections différentes dont certaines qui sont payantes, il faut se donner plus d'une journée pour faire simplement le tour de la section gratuite tellement il y'a des choses a voir. En passant par une section qui parle des premiers colons, les maoris qui ont quitter Hawaii ou des îles du pacifique ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Martinborough November 12th 2013

Bonjour tout le monde! Je suis finalement arriver a Wellington, The coolest little capital comme ils disent et c'est une ville vraiment sympatoche, envion 3 fois plus grande que Sherbrooke, elle reste petite pour une capitale, mais elle compense par un tres grand charme. Outre le port (car c'est une ville qui donne sur la mer) pratiquement toute la ville est construite a flan de montagne, ce qui veut dire qu'a plusieurs endroit, il y a des pentes qui rendrait jalouse la ville de San Francisco. La ville est constamment dans le vent, et pas metaphoriquement, des trois jours que j'y ai passer levent alternait entre "beaucoup" de vent et "je n'arrive plus a avancer a velo" beaucup de vent. mais cela n'empeche pas trop les wellingtoniens de sortir profiter de leur NOMBREUX cafes ou pub, ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 11th 2013

Well. Here I am and haven't I been slack, no communications for weeks. I am now back driving and after not being able to, it is great to be back on the road. One great thing about not driving, I walked and walked, sometimes for 2 to 3 hours a day, and enjoyed it most of the time except when the awful weather made it wet and hard. Labour weekend we went up to Amy's and had the place to ourselves for 3 days while they were away. It was nice to have some good weather for walking on the beach at Waimarama, which is a neat beach, long and beautiful, a typical NZ ocean beach, going to a few picnic spots around the Bay and looking at hundreds and thousands of grape vines around the ... read more
Picnic Spot.
Potential Wine Source.
Healthy Sign.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 7th 2013

I hear so many people use this phrase as an excuse.... If only I could afford it.... If only it was available.... If only they hadn't.... If only it wasn't cold, wet, and miserable outside. One of my biggest things is to always push the boundaries of the if only's. I woke at the DOC campsite in the clouds.... literally. Alone, with only the sound of the river below for company, there was a stillness to the air.... a heaviness that was part serenity, part beauty, and all water vapour. It was accompanied by the calmness that is only present when you haven't seen another human being for more than 12 hours. But as much as that was brilliant..... I had wineries to visit!!! Climbing back down out of the mountains, the clouds continued to follow ... read more
Martinborough - Alana Winery 1
Wellington  2
Ferry Route

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