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March 15th 2016
Published: March 16th 2016
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Lets Go Biking.Lets Go Biking.Lets Go Biking.

Charlie, Di, Viv, myself and Annemarie off on a ride around Paraparaumu. And a stop for coffee along the way.
Racing along is the best way to describe how the time is flying. More walking and riding. I must be getting a bit fitter. I need to up my distances so I can handle the long walks in UK. Charlie and Viv came through on their way north on a bike trip so had a small ride with them and a good evening at Sapprano's.

Went back up to the kids for Ella'a swimming sports, Holly's "Tough Kid" challenge and Holly's inter School Swim sports. Great to see how the kids are involved with all these activities. Lots of fun watching and not having to do any officiating. Charlie and Viv came to Amy's for dinner. A good evening.

Ella's swimming was fun to watch, as is anything that involves about 100 5 to 6 year olds. She is swimming so well these days and wants to do it all. Loves being under the water a lot of the time. Very determined young lady.

I spent most of one day at the Mega Mitre 10 "Tough Kids" event which involved all schools from the Hawkes Bay. It is an event that challenges young kids in lots of different
2500Plus Strong.2500Plus Strong.2500Plus Strong.

Just part of the crowd of kids from H/Bay schools to do the "Touch Kids" event.
activities, running, climb over 2mt walls, crawl under nets, cross planks across heights, climb other obstacles, climb up a steep bank using ropes, slide down a mud slide into thick mud and to finish, run through a fire trucks hoses. Takes at least 10 minutes for the fast ones and it is all done with a large amount of running in between obstacles, and also great peels of laughter. A great event that the kids loved and also we spectators. Holly, even though exhausted said she would love to go around again. And every kid gets a medal and spot prizes Over 2500 kids, screaming for their school and friends, the chanting was magic. I loved every minute of it even if it was deafening. So much fun.

Holly had a great day at the inter school swim meet with a 1st in the breaststroke and 2nd in the freestyle. Her team also won the relay. When I asked what was the favourite event she told me the relay, which her team of 3 boys and 3 girls won very well.

I looked at the rivers while in the Bay hoping for a fish,but they are extremely low
Holly's Frimley School. In Maroon.Holly's Frimley School. In Maroon.Holly's Frimley School. In Maroon.

Having fun. Singing, chanting, dancing and having lots of laughs. Beats being in the class room on a nice day.
and weedy, so need some real rain to wash them out.

So life continues on and with a couple of southerly's blasting through I just hope that we haven't seen the last of summer. Pip/Rod

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Waiting for Their turn.Waiting for Their turn.
Waiting for Their turn.

All set to have a go.
And Their Off.And Their Off.
And Their Off.

Holly with a smile trying to get to the front.
All Wet.All Wet.
All Wet.

That was fun. Coming off a water slide.
Heading for the Finish.Heading for the Finish.
Heading for the Finish.

BUT! There is the fire hose and a water slide to go. So much fun to watch.
A Satisfied Trio.A Satisfied Trio.
A Satisfied Trio.

Holly M, Bella and Holly B. All happy with their day.
Swimming Sports. Swimming Sports.
Swimming Sports.

Holly diving in at the start of the breaststroke.
Nearly There.Nearly There.
Nearly There.

Going well.
The Result.The Result.
The Result.

Cold but very happy.
Team Effort.Team Effort.
Team Effort.

3 happy girls and at the other end 3 happy boys. The relays were such good fun.

15th June 2018

Wow myself
Wow I did a good job
19th June 2018
A Satisfied Trio.

I remember that it was amazing

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