Good-bye Santorini, Good-bye Athens, Hello San Francisco.

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September 20th 2014
Published: September 21st 2014
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Walking Down.Walking Down.Walking Down.

On the way down to the port you walk though heaps of alleys, all with wonderful views.
Hello All, So here we are trying to settle into life at home and adjust to the cold weather. Di has suffered from a bad cold and cough since our return and we haven't done much at all. But we are adjusting and will start to get some things done. We did race up to Hawkes Bay to look after Holly for just 2 days as she had a cold, and we have done a little bit of catch up around the house. BUT!!! Very hard to motivate ourselves and do the things that need to be done. We head up to the Bay to look after the kids in a couple of weeks and I hope to get some fishing in while up there. We have decided to get a few things done around the house starting with the interior roofs which need scrapping down and painting. We hope that this will happen while we are in the Bay. Any way a few photo's from Santorini, Athens and San Francisco. As I have said, I will continue to do my blog about what is happening in my life, but also I want to do some blogs on some of the
Small Patio's Every Where.Small Patio's Every Where.Small Patio's Every Where.

They perch above the cliffs and have fantastic views.
trips and adventures that we did in the years before I started my blog. Also, it is hard to not start thinking about what we want to do next year. We have a number of ideas of course but what we end up doing is very up in the air at present. Any way, good health every one and keep on tracking. Pip/Rod

Additional photos below
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Straight Down.Straight Down.
Straight Down.

Amazing settings

What an amazing place.
Easy Does It.Easy Does It.
Easy Does It.

Di makes her way down through the donkeys.
Rubbish Day.Rubbish Day.
Rubbish Day.

Stand aside, the rubbish is on its way.
Good-Bye Santorini.Good-Bye Santorini.
Good-Bye Santorini.

Just a magic place to visit.

Di shelters from the heat as we stroll around the Temple of Zues
Last Meal.Last Meal.
Last Meal.

Our last meal together before we part company after a fantastic time together.
San FranciscoSan Francisco
San Francisco

Standing in Union Sq and feeling that there may be a bit of shopping coming up.
Coffee Time.Coffee Time.
Coffee Time.

In Union Sq relaxing after yet another shopping expedition.
Hang On.Hang On.
Hang On.

I so enjoyed the cable cars and hanging on outside as they whizz along.
Great Fun.Great Fun.
Great Fun.

Di alights from the cable car and we set of into Fisherman's Wharf. Loved the buzz in this area.
Cold at Fisherman's wharf Beach.Cold at Fisherman's wharf Beach.
Cold at Fisherman's wharf Beach.

A lone swimmer braved the waters but I wasn't tempted.
Hanging On.Hanging On.
Hanging On.

Di hangs on and watches the sights go by.

We walked for miles.
Ferry to SausalitoFerry to Sausalito
Ferry to Sausalito

Di sits and takes in the sights.

I don't think I would have enjoyed living on this island.
The Bridge.The Bridge.
The Bridge.

Across the harbour past the Golden Gate Bridge and over to Sausalito. Sail boats every where and very scenic.
Coming Into The Ferry Terminal.Coming Into The Ferry Terminal.
Coming Into The Ferry Terminal.

A nice day on the bay.
Last Meal.Last Meal.
Last Meal.

Our last night away before returning to NZ. This was my entree. I just love Calamari.
Last Meal.Last Meal.
Last Meal.

I decided that a main of steak was warranted after eating so much seafood for the last few weeks.
Good-bye San Francisco.Good-bye San Francisco.
Good-bye San Francisco.

Sitting near Union Sq preparing for the end of 3 magic months of tripping around. We had a ball and enjoyed every minute of it. Even the shopping.

21st September 2014

Great to read that you are going to post blogs of you past travels...
in my case I went all the way back to 1949. What else was I going to do to archive all my Dad's and my slides and prints! I hope my kids and grandchildren appreciate this effort. In the meantime, the TB community has, as we will yours.
21st September 2014

Hope you are feeling better
We are now living in Baltimore but spent the past 3 years in SF area. Too bad our paths didn't cross. Eager to read more of your adventures.

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