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September 9th 2013
Published: September 10th 2013
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A beautiful morning.A beautiful morning.A beautiful morning.

My 2nd to last night. 6 in the morning is a beautiful time to look around.
Hi to everyone. Yes. The holiday is over. I am back home after spending 3 months having a great time and enjoying missing the winter here in NZ. I am very fortunate to be having these experiences. And, so, back to normality here at home, with things to do, chores that need attending to and generally getting back into life at Bosun Tce. But, of course, I have got a few things to look forward to, with Chris arriving, in Taupo, from Norway, on Saturday for a weeks fishing, a week looking after Holly during the school holidays in Hastings, and quite a few other occasions to carry me through and keep me going. So, I look back on the past 3 months and realize how lucky I am. Over the next few blogs I will be following the fishing of course and anything else that happens but I will also do a bit of summarizing of my trip, through England, France, Norway and Turkey. I will try not to repeat my self to much. Anyway, I arrived home on Friday after a long trip from Turkey, through Zurich, London, LA to NZ. I don't sleep very well on planes and
Hullo Home.Hullo Home.Hullo Home.

Robert Bruce and Sam try to Skype home.
only caught about 4 hours all up even though I had an up grade from LA to AK. Slept for hours Friday night. The last few days in Turkey were taken up with the usual swimming, eating, drinking, and walking. Over all, a fantastic trip, ending in Marmaris which I was quite impressed with, and of course, then you have the goodbye thing, including drinks, with the guys before setting off. Once again, a lot of laughs and good times. I have included a few photo's of which some are from Bruce and Roberts collections. As usual, I will continue to do blogs through out the year. By the way, it is really nice to be home again and to catch up with every one, which I will endeavor to do over the next few weeks. Pip/Rod

Additional photos below
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The beach goes for miles. A very popular place for tourists.

Great little alleys to explore.
Marmaris. Marmaris.

Another alley, another castle.
Final Dinner.Final Dinner.
Final Dinner.

And so heres cheers guys. Great fun Great companionship and lots of laughs.
Heading out to sea.Heading out to sea.
Heading out to sea.

Robert and I enjoy the solitude of standing out the front watching the world go by

Swimming is such a huge part of enjoying this life.
Drinks time.Drinks time.
Drinks time.

another one of those evenings.
Way up high.Way up high.
Way up high.

The guys went up here and there is Therapy, moored at the T shaped jetty. This bay was beautiful surrounded by hills.
End of day Discussion.End of day Discussion.
End of day Discussion.

A discussion group at the end of a days sailing. Time to come alive and have a drink.

10th September 2013

It's been great following your travels...
Coming home is nice too! Until next time...
10th September 2013
Heading out to sea.

That\'s Bruce on the boat with you not Robert!
10th September 2013

That's It!!!! It's over
Thankyou so much for the blog. Pat and I have loved following it and together with Sam's emails and pictures have really not been left out! Pick up Bruce and Robert wed so they will have to come back down to earth with galeforce winds and colder weather than what you have been used to. The photos certainly show some beautiful places and you have all been spoilt. And the skyping that was interesting! Sue

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