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April 23rd 2012
Published: May 9th 2012
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First off I would like to say I'm sorry for not updating this sooner. I got pretty busy with school work and writing a blog just didn't appeal to me.

Anyway, for the second part of my break (which was almost a month ago) I went to Wellington. Wellington is more of an artsy town so I wasn't really a fan of it. It was nice and cute, but I couldn't live there. It is also the Captial of New Zealand.

While I was there I went to the Te Papa Museum which was massive. It's the museum of New Zealand and has six floors. It took me awhile to go through everything but I enjoyed it, especially the section that contained Maori information. I also went to the Wellington Museum of City and Sea. This one was a lot smaller but was still pretty interesting to walk around. I did a parliment tour as well. I learned a lot from this tour and met a 15 year old girl who seemed very interested in America. I talked to her throughout the tour, when the tour guide wasn't talking of course. Another thing I did in Wellington was the Adrenaline forest. Basically it's a high ropes course. There were six different courses and each one kept getting higher and more intense. Some of the obstacles were super fun like the flying fox but there were others that I really disliked. The ones I didn't like typically consisted of knotted ropes or nets compared to the wires and logs of the others. I really enjoyed this because it was something different, we had a pretty good view, and it was a little workout! Another thing I did in Wellington was check out the farmers markets. They are so much better (bigger, cheaper, more variety) than the ones in Auckland. I purchased kiwifruit bread here because it sounded interesting and it is now my new favorite! My plan is to try to make it sometime. I planned on going to the botanic gardens and the Victoria Lookout while I was here, but neither happen due to the weather.

One of the nights I stayed with a friend who attends school there. It was nice to see her and get out of the hostel since, at the time, I was staying in those for almost two weeks. It was a rainy cold night when I stayed with her so we just watched two movies, but it was really relaxing and the movies were ones I hadn't seen before.

Overall, it was nice to see Wellington, but I definitely wish I wasn't there as long as I was. One could probably see all of Wellington in a day. Since there wasn't a whole lot to do it really made me appreciate Auckland a lot more.


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