Days 85-92 : Christchurch, NZ to Wellington, NZ.

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February 20th 2010
Published: March 23rd 2010
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Christchurch to Wellington, NZ

Day 85 - Day Day 92: Saturday, February 20th to Friday, February 26th, 2010.
Wellington, NZ.

I'm now updating this a month later, so it's going to be a picture blog for the rest of NZ and all of Australia with very little commentary (stop cheering!!!)

Fly back to Wellington on Saturday, February 20th because I needed to get my Vietnamese and Chinese Visa's in order and Wellington had embassies for both. So, I spent that week sorting those out (was able to get the Vietnamese one via online so even better). While back in Wellington, I went to the Botanical Gardens and finally left a P.O.N. She's in the rose garden next to a "Flamboyance" rose. Fitting in a weird way. However, "Google" is calling me a liar that such a rose exists and therefore I can't link to it. Didn't take a picture of it either, just the sign with the name. Oh well. There were many other beautiful spots in NZ where I could have done this, but it always slipped my mind (which I'm taking as a good thing, I'm not dwelling on it as much anymore.) Hell, by the end of this trip I might just flush her down a toilet in Beijing and sing "Ding Dong the Witch is Gone". We shall see. 😉

What else... visited the Te Papa Museum while in Wellington and saw their Pompeii exhibit. I'll be putting that on my "next time I go to Greece" list. I also caught up on many movies. And of course rode the Wellington Cable Car a few times. It was a nice relaxing week. The only excitement was when I was walking along one day there was a very loud "POP" and one of the electrical covers on the ground flew up into the air. A girl had just walked by and it barely missed her- can't imagine the hurt it would have done if it had blown up 1 second earlier. However, that's the most dangerous thing I saw in Wellington- I really liked that city and hope to go back.

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27th March 2010

You decided all roses are somewhat flamboyant?
Fe, fi, fo, foom. I spot Monstro in the room!
27th March 2010

But Monstro is so tiny- how could you possibly see him?

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