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May 21st 2008
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Alright, I've stayed in some pretty shoddy places before on this trip.. but I think I might have just stumbled into one of the worst.

I know, I know, I was pretty spoiled at my last location, actually, VERY spoiled. Last night was my first night alone for the first time since I was at home. It was nice of course, but a little freaky, quiet, and weird...

Today was my long bus ride from Lake Taupo to Wellington, and as soon as we got started, I just had to smile and know that this country is awesome. The bus driver announced that we'd be stopping for lunch, that if the temperature was uncomfortable to come and tell him, or if we were feeling sick to let him know etc.. and then, he was like, I know we have some tourists on board today, so I'll tell you some facts on the way up- which he did- and then I'll stop so you can take a picture of the mountains. What a nice guy. All on my $30 bus ride.

I get to Wellington around 4:30-4:45 and know that I have a bit of walk ahead of me so I get going to the hostel. I get a bit lost because the street I was on changed names, and one of the streets I needed to be on wasn't actually a street, but like a walkway. So I arrive at the hostel, finally, and check in and such, and I headed up to my room. I opened the door, and I literally just stood there and laughed/stared for a minute.

The fricking room was a pit. IS a pit. There is absolutely no place to even set my luggage let alone open it.. and yeah.. the room is a pit. So I just threw my stuff on my bed and got the hell out of there. Pretty sure I'll just be going in that disaster area only to sleep.. Hopefully, the girl who has been using my room as a closet will kindly remove her shit from my bed.

I guess it's some sort of long term, university thing that these kids are living here long term, so they've had a chance to just spew their shit all over..

So anyhow.. I was thinking about going to a movie tonight... I usually don't go out

Lake Taupo
after it's dark out.. but I'd pretty much go crazy if I was stuck here..

Yeah I don't really have much to update.. but I had to share my shoddy accomodation with the world... *le sigh*

I was really sad to be leaving on the bus ride here... now I effing can't wait to leave. Ah how accomodation can change your opinion of things...

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oooooh yeah!

Huka Falls

Huka Falls

Huka Falls Cont.

Thermal pools in Rotorua


Lake Rotorua

lake Rotorua again- Caldera Volcano

Bath house in Rotorua

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