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October 13th 2020
Published: October 12th 2020
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Upper Mohaka River.Upper Mohaka River.Upper Mohaka River.

One of my happy places.
It's raining. Its windy. Its the middle of the day and I'm bored. Flicking around on my lap top and I see that I last posted a blog on the 28th of June. Thats a few months back so I thought that is something I can do.

We have been busy. Busy doing no travel apart from our norm of ; going to the Hawkes Bay, {4 hour drive} to spend time with the kids. Going to Taupo {5 hour drive} to spend time with Annemarie and Corrado. Doing some fishing in both places, doing lots of walks and watching kids sport. Fishing. Some good days and some quiet days. Watching sport. Always love watching the kids sport. Pleased to say that Holly won her school Cross Country run and Ella came 4th in hers. Their Hockey teams have both had a successful season. Unfortunately a lot of sport has been canceled, such as the inter school runs and some tournaments. This is due to the Govid restrictions still in place.

At present the Govid 19 restrictions are at Level 1 meaning that we are required to still be vigilant, but life is pretty much back to normal. Internal
Kaikoura Ranges.Kaikoura Ranges.Kaikoura Ranges.

Out walking; From the south coast of Wellington the Kaikoura's look great just across Cook Strait.
travel is allowed and over the last few months has seen a huge amount of New Zealanders taking advantage of the opportunity to travel within NZ. Families on the move, great to see.The borders remain closed so no overseas tourists. Those coming back into the country have to isolate in facilities for 2 weeks. When will international travel return? Who knows.

In August Di and I flew down to Wanaka for a 10 day stay with Viv and Charlie. It is such a magic place and there is so much to do and see there. We so enjoy our trips. A day up on the Cadrona Ski Field, not to ski, just enjoying the scenery and watching the skiers and as Charlie {ski Instructor} and Viv {administration} work up there we enjoy some privileges. So great to see so many young kids on skis.

As it had been 49 years since Di and I had been to Lake Te Anau and Milford Sound the 4 of us decided that we should drive down there {4 hour drive} and spend a couple of nights in Te Anau then drive into Milford Sound {2 hour drive}for the day. While in
Lake Wanaka.Lake Wanaka.Lake Wanaka.

Surrounded by mountains. But not a lot of snow for this time of year.
Milford we went on a cruise through the sound out to the Tasman Sea. About 2 hours. Fantastic trip with great views, lots of water falls and the majestic Mitre Peak prominent for a lot of the trip.

When I was last here I remember that Di and I took about 5 hours to drive in to the Sound. That was because the area is just so scenic and magical that I think I stopped on every corner as a new vista opened up. It is really just so spectacular. Also with so many rivers to look into, searching for trout, it all takes time. This time I think the drive in took us about 3 hours So nice to visit this part of the country again, refresh some memories and to take in all the changes that have happened since last we drove this area.

So apart from that we have been doing the normal everyday life thing. Walking, gardening, house maintenance, biking, socialising when possible and generally enjoying life.

The down side of not being able to travel out of the country of course is the fact that we have no idea when we will
Toasted Marshmallow.Toasted Marshmallow.Toasted Marshmallow.

Di loving this.
be able to travel to Norway to spend time with the family over there. Miss them so so much but hopefully 2021 my be more accommodating. Cheers Pip/Rod.

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Lake Te Anau.Lake Te Anau.
Lake Te Anau.

A magic morning on my walk along the shores.
Heading to Milford Sound.Heading to Milford Sound.
Heading to Milford Sound.

Beautiful river flats and mountains.
Hommer Tunnel.Hommer Tunnel.
Hommer Tunnel.

1.2 km long through the mountains at a steep gradient is the only way by land to access Milford Sound.
Milford Sound and Mitre Peak.Milford Sound and Mitre Peak.
Milford Sound and Mitre Peak.

Standing at 1683 mts above Milford sound.
Lots of Amusing Signs around.Lots of Amusing Signs around.
Lots of Amusing Signs around.

Nice to keep the smile on the face.
Tongariro River Taupo.Tongariro River Taupo.
Tongariro River Taupo.

Jeremy looking for a fish.
Lake Wanaka.Lake Wanaka.
Lake Wanaka.

Di striding it out on a walk around the lake.
Viv, Di and CharlieViv, Di and Charlie
Viv, Di and Charlie

A cold evening made warm by this great fire.Love sitting outside on a evening like this watching the embers.
Di and Charlie.Di and Charlie.
Di and Charlie.

Red wine and marshmallows. Yum.

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