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October 17th 2013
Published: October 17th 2013
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Charter BoatCharter BoatCharter Boat

Lots of this type passing by.
Well, here I am and I will make my excuses for not writing a blog sooner. As some of you will know, I suffered a set back in my life style a few weeks ago. The night that Chris headed back home, I had a stroke during the night and ended up in Hastings Hospital and after lots of testing etc, they tell me that I am very lucky and that there are no after affects, and since then I have had more tests, and all is ok and I hope that when I see the Docs next week, this will be confirmed. I have not been allowed to drive during this period, which I have found very hard, but the Gold Card comes into its own, and the train has been in use and also long long walks. I'm feeling really good. But the worst things are of course, THE SHOCK that this could happen TO ME!!! Bloody Hell!!!! Little old me. The Old may be a key word here.Not knowing WHY this happened. And is there a possibility of it happening again. I say no, and after a few more tests and a bit more time the Docs will
Big Yacht.Big Yacht.Big Yacht.

A beautiful looking yacht. Would have loved to see this under full sail.
say no, and then I can get on with things. Like fishing and going into the hills, and facing things with confidence. I certainly lost the wind out of my sails for a while, but as I say, I am great. Can't wait for summer and Christmas, then into the New Year and planning for the trips next year. My how time flies when your having fun.

During my time on the coast of Turkey I enjoyed seeing the great variety of boats, big and small, that sail the area and make the most of these beautiful waters. I will put some photos of a few of them on here. As I say, there are so many of them , and some of them are of the multi million dollar variety and some are the standard fizz boats and some very basic. There are just so many of them. One of our favorites this year was a boat called the SEA RHAPSODY. We saw it a number of times. Not the biggest boat but just an awesome looking machine with all the extras. You can look it up on the internet and it gives you a lot of info
Lots of large cruisers.Lots of large cruisers.Lots of large cruisers.

These are the smaller type but still beautiful and would cost heaps.
on it. We saw it in the port of Fethiye and it was taking on fuel. There were 4 tankers an the wharf along side and they took it in turns to pump fuel on board. It took nearly all day. We worked out that to fill this boat up it would be hundreds of thousands of Euros. Just petty cash really. There are hundreds of a boat called a Gulet, which is a wooden turkish boat which is used for both day trippers and also for weekly charters etc. You can see these right through out the Med. Very impressive looking boat but it is very rare to see them with their sails up. Lots of other charter boats in all styles, but mainly sailing. Some times you will see a whole fleet of 10/15 boats out to sea, then they meet in the marina's each night. All these things are great to see. So now I'm back here and it is always a bit hard to get back into the normal life. Also, I changed my e'mail address while I was away so for those who haven't got it, here it is. rod.spencernz@gmail.com Always nice to hear what
Sea Rhapsody.Sea Rhapsody.Sea Rhapsody.

They were anchored just across the bay from us. we were having just as much fun as them. Well, sort of.
people are up to. I hope that every one is fine and enjoying life. Pip/Rod

Additional photos below
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Sea RhapsodySea Rhapsody
Sea Rhapsody

Filling up. It took all day and 4 tankers.
Sea Rhapsody.Sea Rhapsody.
Sea Rhapsody.

So!! I'm just a little envious. But they can't pull the sails up and turn the motors off, and sail in silence apart from the sound of the sea. So there!!!
One of the smaller ones.One of the smaller ones.
One of the smaller ones.

Martin with the tender. There are thousands of these of course.
Therapy at anchor.Therapy at anchor.
Therapy at anchor.

Yes, we can turn the engine off, hoist the sail, listen to the sound of the sea rushing by and the wind in the sails. So There!!!

Beautiful evening with heaps of boats moored up. Just absolutely magic.
Another large Cruiser.Another large Cruiser.
Another large Cruiser.

Loverly boat and loverly mooring.
A Gulet.A Gulet.
A Gulet.

These look great in the water and sometimes they seem to have heaps and heaps of people on board.
Monster Sail Boat. Monster Sail Boat.
Monster Sail Boat.

We would have loved to see this under sail. It was huge and just looked magic. Eric Clapton has something along these lines.

Full of daytrippers who get to see a number of bays and stop for a swim and the midday meal is provided. They seem to have a lot of fun.
Yachts at moorings. Yachts at moorings.
Yachts at moorings.

Early morning. Wonderful to wake up and face the day when you wake to this kind of vista.
Looking down to moorings.Looking down to moorings.
Looking down to moorings.

A typical mooring in a bay were there would be a restaurant as well.
Local fishing boat.Local fishing boat.
Local fishing boat.

An old couple out to catch the early fishing. Very solid boat that they will spend most of the day in and go for miles.
Safe Harbor.Safe Harbor.
Safe Harbor.

A wonderful bay were Therapy along with a number of others has had a peaceful night at anchor.
Building a Gulet.Building a Gulet.
Building a Gulet.

Another one to join the thousands already out there plying their trade.
And also the common Kayak type.And also the common Kayak type.
And also the common Kayak type.

Robert goes for a paddle.
Marmaris Marina.Marmaris Marina.
Marmaris Marina.

Just one of the hundreds of beautiful boats here. Very popular marina and heaps of million dollar boats.

18th October 2013

Stunning sunset

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