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September 30th 2013
Published: September 30th 2013
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Hi There. So good to see you.Hi There. So good to see you.Hi There. So good to see you.

Saturday the 14th Sept 2013. Chris arrives at 9am at Taupo airport. So good to see him.
Well. It's been along time between blogs. Sorry, been tied up a bit with Chris being here and fishing. On Friday 13th I drove up to Turangi, and when Butch and Richard arrived we went fishing for the rest of the day. Very successful. Chris arrived from Norway on Saturday the 14th Sept and I picked him up from Taupo Airport at 9am.

We had looked forward to this trip for 8/9 months and he had planned a lot with Richard and me by phone and e'mail. It is a trip that he and I had talked about for a number of years, but were never really sure if it could happen, due to distance and family, but eventually it has happened, with the help of Hege, Lilly and Stella, who were willing for him to travel around the world for a bloody fishing trip, and then to have him return home tired and full of it. Richards wife Angela, played a part as well, being left at home for a week with 3 young ones, so that 2 old men could spend a week with their sons fishing. Thanks so much. It was a very special week. A lot
Wow!!! look at the cakes.Wow!!! look at the cakes.Wow!!! look at the cakes.

2nd port of call, to get cream cakes. I had to have some as well of course.
of laughs and story telling.

From the Airport

Chris and I were into a fishing shop in Taupo by 9.30am, to get some gear that he wanted, spent lots, but all set to go. Then into a bakery/ cake shop by 10.30am so Chris could get his fill of NZ cream cakes straight away, then drove down the lake to Turangi and the Parklands Motor Lodge, which was our base for the next 6 days. Meet up with Butch and Richard and went to the Tauranga-Taupo river for the afternoon. Fantastic. Chris was into his first fish by just after mid-day and we continued to catch fish all day and for the rest of the week. I think Richard and Chris between them caught well over 100 fish for the week, with Butch and I adding our share as well. Jeremy and Warwick arrived down on the Wednesday and had some luck for the next few days before we all left on the Friday morning. Warwick headed home to Gisborne, Butch and Richard to Wellington and Chris Jeremy and I off to Amy and Jeremys over in Hastings were Diane flew into on Friday evening, and was meet
Just bit jet laged.Just bit jet laged.Just bit jet laged.

Chris making his way to meet me.
by son and daughter. Very happy!! A fantastic week . Pip/Rod

Additional photos below
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Straight into the river.Straight into the river.
Straight into the river.

Chris just couldn't wait to get fishing.
Yep!! Got one.Yep!! Got one.
Yep!! Got one.

Chris into his first fish.
Just drag it up.Just drag it up.
Just drag it up.

First of many. So good.

He was so happy. So many of the fish we got were in fantastic condition.
Yep. Another one.Yep. Another one.
Yep. Another one.

Great fishing.
Fishing mates.Fishing mates.
Fishing mates.

Chris and Richard enjoying the company. And they had a number of these double hook ups.
Beautiful fish.Beautiful fish.
Beautiful fish.

The fish this year were great and we actually lost a few through breaking off and hooks pulling.
The Tongariro River.The Tongariro River.
The Tongariro River.

Happy again in one of his favorite rivers.
The essentials.The essentials.
The essentials.

A fly box is a thing of beauty. Yea, Right.
Good fishGood fish
Good fish

Chris and a great 6lb Rainbow from the TT
Magic days.Magic days.
Magic days.

Richard with 2 on the bank from the upper Tauranga- Taupo River. Known as the TT.
Butch happy with this.Butch happy with this.
Butch happy with this.

Not to be out done Butch and I got our share.
My turn.My turn.
My turn.

I enjoyed this week so much.

Butch and my dinner, waiting to be consumed.

Richard into his dinner.

Chris into his. We didn't really eat healthy. I wonder if this caught up with me.
The Hinemaimai River.The Hinemaimai River.
The Hinemaimai River.

A smaller stream and a beautiful stretch. All the rivers have got fantastic bird life with great dawn choruses.
Upper T.TUpper T.T
Upper T.T

Chris up at the Cliff Pool on the T.T
The Boulder Reach on the Tongariro.The Boulder Reach on the Tongariro.
The Boulder Reach on the Tongariro.

Chris, Jeremy and Warwick fishing the tongariro.
Jeremy in the TTJeremy in the TT
Jeremy in the TT

Amazing water to fish in the TT and fantastic bird life.
Warwick in the TTWarwick in the TT
Warwick in the TT

This is really a loverly river.
Jeremy with a Tongariro Rainbow.Jeremy with a Tongariro Rainbow.
Jeremy with a Tongariro Rainbow.

This was on the Friday we left, down on the lower river.

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