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Hi Everyone, We left the Kapiti coast about 8am, it was cold when we woke up but we soon had the gas stoves on making breakfast and warming us up. It was only a 30-minute drive to the main road into Wellington, the traffic started to get really heavy so we knew not to go any further as there would definitely not be a free place to park. So we pulled off and headed up a road, it went all the way up for about 10 minutes so there were great views at the top. We parked on a quiet-ish housing estate, that didn’t have any parking restrictions. The bus also went into the city at the bottom of the road, which was handy. We bought a $9.50 all day bus pass, and headed into the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Wellington November 6th 2013

Akaroa yesterday was a wonderful little port, but we only saw it boarding the bus and getting off the bus 1 hour late on our tour - luckily it was a ship-sponsored tour so the ship didn't leave without us! We went to a high-country sheep, beef, and red deer (yep, growing business for venison lovers) station near the Southern Swiss Alps. Had a lot of mountains still retaining lots of snow (late snowfall there in the last two weeks). We also had a jet-boat ride and a gruelling 12km mountain ride in a 4x4 buggy holding about 12 people. Our kidneys still aren't speaking to us! But it was fabulous countryside and the mountains are so different than ours. Really spectacular. Today we're in Wellington (the capitol) of New Zealand. It's very gray, with low ... read more

Not the greatest start to our holiday! Wellington smashed by worst storm in 30 years last night, flight delayed - with luck we fly out at 1205 and arrive in Brisbane 0205. To paraphrase (badly) Elvis: Its a cold and grey Wellington dawn and a another lonely traveller is the Airport. And his partner sighs. Cos if there's one thing that they don't need its another plane that fails to leave...From the airport. Pilots don't you understand are you to blind to see we've all got some place we'd rather be.....than the airport... That's pretty much destroyed one on my favourite songs! Yup pretty bored already. Still can't be helped fingers crossed we get away today weather still not great. UPDATE Flight cancelled we've been re-booked for 3pm tomorrow. Not the ideal start to our ... read more
Storm Warning

SPONTANER AUSFLUGSTAG AUF WELLINGTONS SCHÖNEN KÜSTENSTRASSEN ZU STRÄNDEN UND AUSSICHTSPUNKTEN :) ... Hm..eigentlich gibt es dazu gar nicht so viel zu sagen.. der Tag war entgegen dem Wetterbericht wunderbar sonnig, zufällig habe ich beim Betreten der Uni (wo ich eigentlich lernen wollte) Pedram (der eigentlich nur Milch für seinen Kaffee holen wollte) getroffen und nach einem gemeinsamen Kaffee (der eigentlich dafür gedacht war, superproduktiv in diesen Lerntag zu starten) haben wir es dann doch glücklicherweise irgendwie vorgezogen, lieber dieses spätsommerliche Wetter zu genießen anstatt in der Uni zu sitzen und zu büffeln :) - und so ging es ein weiteres Mal mit Musik aus dem Radio und geöffnetem Fenster die Küstenstraßen entland zu den wunderbaren Stränden (bin auf den Geschmack gekommen - habe alle barfuss erkundet :D) und ein paar... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Wellington January 29th 2013

We arrived in Wellington in the early hours of Mon 21st Jan after an uneventful and quite boring ferry crossing. We were disappointed that the clouds had prevented us from seeing the star formations but we were now on the North Island and ready for part two of our NZ adventure. The only other slight 'issue' that night was that we had no accomadation! And at 2am we were unlikely to find anything! But, I had planned for this scenario and we had purchased two sleeping bags, and we still had our two pillows so we slept in the car outside the ferry terminal. Madam was not impressed and we wouldn't be doing that again! After a dreadful sleep we left the car and wandered around Wellington for a few hours and got a coffee in ... read more
Not happy at all!!!
Cheering up in the sun with an ice cream!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Wellington December 2nd 2012

Hello guys How have you been? These last couple of weeks have been really great! Thanks to couchsurfing I had the pleasure to meet up with François and Stéphane, two webdesigners from Rennes, France. And I also met Mélanie, the (former) owner of the van also from Rennes. The van is fantastic, it had about 20 owners and has all the facilities anybody could ask for: matrass, cooking and eating gear, tent, bed linnen, sleeping bags, games, meds... and so on. I've already put a picture of it on Facebook, go check it out! The four or us headed to the west of Auckland to Puhoi a surfers paradise with a great beach. Unfortunately it was raining so we spend (an awful) night in the van and decided to go north to look for the sun ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Wellington October 31st 2012

Mittwoch 31.Oktober 2012 Wellington Heute ist unser letzter ganzer Tag auf der Nordinsel. Es gäbe noch so vieles, was wir uns ansehen möchten, doch uns bleibt nur noch dieser eine Tag. Wir besprechen nach dem Frühstück die Möglichkeiten, berechnen den Zeitaufwand, kommen zu keinem Schluss und überlassen es dem armen Willi, eine Entscheidung zu treffen. Die Seal Colony am Turakirae Head, südwestlich von Wellington, ist die gewünschte Sehenswürdigkeit. Wir machen uns auf der Karte kundig, schätzen den Fahrt- und Gehaufwand ein und freuen uns auf den Ausflug. Der Wettergott ist eindeutig auf unserer Seite, verwöhnt uns mit einem tiefblauen, wolkenlosen Himmel und lässt ein sanftes Windchen wehen, damit uns beim Gehen nicht zu heiss wird, was will man mehr! Wir fahren durch eine bezaubernde Landschaft bis nach Wainuiomata.... und wissen nicht mehr weiter... read more
Am Beach - Plan studieren
Am abgelegenen Strand
Am abgelegenen Strand

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Wellington October 18th 2012

Right, heres the plan for the first three weeks of the trip. Once I return to Kolkata on the 13th of November (hopefully, my train ticket is currently waitlisted) I'll be staying there for a week or two, pottering about, maybe doing a bit of work and getting a bike sorted. Then the vague plan is to ride to Nepal, spend a few weeks there, then back into india and over to Jaipur and on to Jadpur in the desert. From there I'll head back Kolkata way and wind my way down the east coast of India to Hydrabad, and finally back up to Kolkata to fly out in Jan/Feb. I'll add more details as they come up but this is about it for now. 20th October 2012 Aeroplane Depart Wellington 8:35am - Arrive Auckland 9:35am ... read more

Kia Ora! Nå er me i New Zealand, eller Aotearoa, om du vil. Nærmere bestemt på Nordøya. Her lever me det glade backpackerliv – opplever og ser nye ting hver dag. New Zealand har så mykje å by på. Og det er ikkje for ingenting det blir kalt ekstremsportens hjemland. Naturen her er også fantastisk fin, og den er så varierende. Du kan stå på ein plass og se rundt deg. På den eine sida har du norsk natur, på den andre sida tropisk regnskog, og andre plasser ørken, sydenstrender eller høye Alpe-lignende fjellkjeder. Her fins alt! Me starta oppholdet vårt i NZs største by, Auckland. Der utforska me byen, gjekk på gåtur med sikring over Auckland Harbour Bridge, og Christina prøvde Fish n’ Chips som visstnok skal være så populært her. Og på kvelden reiste ... read more
Mt. Doom i bakgrunnen!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Wellington February 5th 2012

Our trip from Sydney to Wellington began with some of the uncomfortable conditions that I have seen on this boat. As we headed East, we had to deal with the strong current coming from the North and strong winds coming from the South, which meant big beam on seas for our little boat. I basically didn't go outside for 2 days because it was too rough. The trip was only about 6 days long, and after the first few days, it wasn't too bad. Our original plan was to go from Sydney to Tonga, to refuel, and then Tonga to Tahiti, but because of Cyclone Jasmine that was moving towards Tonga, we took a more southern route passing through New Zealand to get to Tahiti. My most important priority throughout this whole trip was to get ... read more
Boathouse Row
Rugby Sculpture

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