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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Featherston January 25th 2011

I checked out of YHA Wellington with a sense of profound relief. Sue had been kind enough to offer me a ride to Palmerston North, so I'd cancelled my Wellington-to-Palmerston-North bus ticket. I just won't use that part of my bus pass. Sue drove me first to an impressive overlook in the Rimutaka Hills, and then to the Fell Engine Museum. Fell Engines turned out to be small steam locomotives used to provide additional horsepower on a steep grade. The two-story museum included models of the settlements at both ends of the slope, with the higher village, of course, on the second floor. An unusually good documentary film was shown as an introduction to the collection. It explained how the engines worked, and in particular how the trains were kept braked and in control on the ... read more
Fell engine's engine
Fell engine's underpinnings

A gloomy start to the day. In the daylight we had a chance to look around the campsite we’d came across last night in the dusk, drizzle and gloom - in Ashurst Domain (no Shires here Sam!). The Domain grounds have training grounds, playing grounds, the camping ground and the cemetery ... right next door to the camping ground! Cosy! It wasn’t a bad site though, very reasonably priced (cheap!) - John was chatting to the warden, and he told him that they will soon be charging separately for showers as the locals keep coming over to use them and they’re using up all the hot water! For once the campers were not the ones getting the blame. When we were talking to the lady in the Information Centre in Napier, she was telling us that ... read more
Reservoir on Route to Featherston
1933 Alvis Firefly
Late Afternoon Sun

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Featherston December 12th 2009

Nor westerly winds have been buffeting me for days - providing me with riding that has been at times exciting, frightening and simply pleasant. From Palmerston North I took something called the Pahiatua Track, which in fact is not a track but a perfectly good, steep but sealed road . On a high ridge, wind generators spun swiftly and a cold blast sent a chill through me and pushed the bike off its stand. Later the same day, I was forced to push THE BEAST OF BURDEN in places, for fear of being shunted off the road. At other times, the wind struck from behind and sent me flying effortlessly uphill. I felt adrift on an ocean of wind. Buffeted in More Senses than One I’ve also felt adrift emotionally. For several days poor reception has ... read more
Tiny Settlement of Makuri
Merry Christmas Maria!
Taken at Pongaroa  Camping Area

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Featherston February 17th 2007

Martinborough: New Zealand vindistrikt Australasia » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Featherston By Sofie og ThomasFebruary 17th 2007 Da vi havde en friweekend uden de store planer, blev vi enige om at tage pÃ¥ en lille udflugt i lokalomrÃ¥det. Efter opfordring fra Sofies kollegaer valgte vi at besøge det lille vin distrikt Martinborough. Turen var pÃ¥ alle mÃ¥der en positiv oplevelse. Togturen igennem det New Zealandske landskab var helt speciel,... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Featherston January 14th 2007

After my return from Sydney on the 6th Jan I decided to chill in Wellington until my volunteer work began on the 14th Jan, just exploring the sites and doing things which I would do at home, going to the cinema it was a nice do normal things for a change lol! After my relaxing period I left my new friends for abit and went to my volunteer accomodation which was lke a uni house in the Lower Hutt region. The people in the house were mainly English which was alittle disappointing but they were fairly nice. Although strangely seemed different to the normal type I was used to meeting in hostels. Throughout the 2 weeks of working I did a variety of work mainly based on removing harmful weeds in natioanal parks but we also ... read more
Volunteer work
Volunteer work
The team

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Featherston December 10th 2002

I decided to drive to Wellington. My car had been going nicely for about 1000 kilometres, picked a couple of hitchhikers. About 20km from Wellington the oil light flickered on, and off and on. I started looking for a petrol station to stop and check it out. The temperature was low… in fact almost on the bottom of the scale. The oil light stayed on a rattling sound started. I stopped. The engine was so hot. Waited. I had reached the edge of a town called Greytown. I waited some more. I decided to start the engine and see if I could get to the middle of the town and into a garage. The engine exploded. Smoke and steam and noise and smells overwhelmed the car. The two german girls that I had given a lift ... read more

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