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October 13th 2019
Published: October 13th 2019
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Wanganui has a deer park that seems to have been there forever. It was a popular place to visit in the school holidays when I was a child and that was a long time ago. If you come into Wanganui from the north, you will see Virginia Road on your left. Follow it to the bottom of the hill where you will see Peat Park and a sign showing where the Deer Park is.

I have small grandchildren so have visited the deer on several occasions. The best advice I can give you is: do NOT expect to see any deer! There is a stag with his entourage of females but they can be extremely difficult to see. They are often hiding in the grass at the bottom of the hill so try to spot the stag's antlers. We have attempted to bribe them with a variety of food and have found they love acorns but that doesn't mean they will actually come over and take them from you. The stag decided he needed a snack one day and we were so shocked that I didn't get a photo of the event!

The park is a good place to stop if you need to stretch you legs, let the dog out for a walk and let the kids run off some energy in Peat Park. But let the kids know they may be disappointed when all they can see is grass. It is so boring that even their FB page has absolutely nothing on it. I won't even bother to add the link to it.


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