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November 21st 2015
Published: November 21st 2015
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This was one of the coolest things I've ever done and probably the second biggest adrenaline rush I've had in my life after skydiving. It's pretty hard to explain and telling you about it or seeing photos of it won't do it justice, but I'll try.

It was a 5 hour trip and started with abseiling down a 35m vertical drop through a tiny hole in the cave. You are literally hanging there, repelling slowly and the only thing saving you from free falling is the friction in the rope that you're holding. The hole we had to repel through was so small I barely squeezed through. So scary.

We got into the cave, stumbled through the rocks, then got to a zip lining spot. They made us turn our headlights off and we did the zip line in complete darkness.

When we finished the zip lining, they gave us some hot chocolate to warm up, then gave us an inner tube and we jumped in the ice cold river running through the caves. We floated down the river and looked at the glow worms on the ceiling of the caves. That was incredibly cool. It honestly looked like the stars. There were so many of them!

After the tubing we rafted down the river a bit further. The guides said ok we're at the bottom of the caves now at 65 metres, time to climb back up. So we started climbing up these crazy waterfalls, twisting our way through these tiny holes in the cave, one called the "rebirthing canal" which was a pretty tight squeeze, crawling on our knees. So fun.

Today I'm doing a tour of hobbiton, the area where the hobbits lived in lord of the rings, including a tour of the movie set. Tonight we're going to Rotorua, which is the Maori cultural region and there's a show, dinner and a haka performance (made most famous by the all blacks rugby team). YouTube it if you don't know what it is.

Tomorrow morning I'm either doing louging or zorbing (when you go in a huge plastic ball and roll down a hill). Then to Taupo in the afternoon. They have a driving range there with a floating green. You get 50 balls, if you hit the green you get an extra ball, if you get a hole in one you get $10,000. So hopefully you'll get some good news in my next post!


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