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November 25th 2006
Published: November 27th 2006
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Waitomo CavesWaitomo CavesWaitomo Caves

Totem Pole outside the caves

Left home at 9.30 to drive down to Waitomo Caves, never took long and we were there about 10.15. We went on a tour of the caves and we had a tour guide who took us down into the caves. They have some lights but you have to watch were you are walking as it is dark in some places and the rocks are low. It is mainly limestone which drips water down onto you which is meant to be good luck. The Japanese didnt think so and made stupid noises when it got them. They never shut up!!

The biggest cave is called the Cathedral and they have opera, theatre, choirs and weddings in it because it has really good acoustics. We werent allowed to take pictures but some of the rocks had formed really weird shapes. You had to have a good imagination but we saw Bob Marley with his dreadlocks, a bungee jumping Kiwi bird, a dog with big floppy ears, a family made out of stalagmites which included mum, baby, a dog - the dad was just a little rock coz people were taken bits of the rocks away. They told us not to

with fluff
touch the rocks but this one Japanese bloke kept doing it.

There was a big hole which was 15 metres deep and then the lowest part we went into was 30 metres deep. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be.

Then we went to look at the glowworms and they are really odd, they look just like stars stuck on rocks. We went on a boat in the pitch black and the glowworms just glowed and there were thousands of them. It was odd to see them and it didn't look real.

The only picture we have of this is us outside the caves, so sorry about that.

After that we went to see Angorra rabbits getting their fluff cut off. They have to be shaved every 3 months otherwise they overheat and die. They are really big and fluffy until they get shaved, then they are just skinny but still soft. We had to watch one having his fur cut off and they put them on a rack. Tie all four legs and stretch them on a pully thing. It looks so cruel but apparently it doesn't hurt them. HOW DO THEY

without fluff
KNOW!!! Anyway see the pictures and see you what you think.

More to come.


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