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March 1st 2008
Published: March 7th 2008
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My Cucumber!My Cucumber!My Cucumber!

Luke and I getting ready for the BOCS party.
Orientation back in the states usually involves all the students going to countless powerpoint presentations teaching them what to expect at their school. Well we did have two very boring sessions just like that but the University's Student Union also puts on "O- Week" which is basically the entire week filled with all types of activities on campus, free concerts and comedy nights, and most popular are the themed bar nights in town. The week was kicked off with the "B.O.C.S" party. Each letter representing a residence hall ( B- bryant, O- Orchard Park, C- College Hall, and S- Student Village) Everyone living in those hall has to dress up as something starting with the first letter of the Res hall name. For College Hall, we had cats, clowns, canvases, cleavage, cucumbers, chicks, etc. Everyone got really into it (except for the Casual Caucasian Collegiate- Matt is a smart one). They bussed us into town and we rented out the whole Loaded Hog, this really nice place on Hood Street, Downtown Hamilton. So Much fun! Next big event on my list was KATCHAFIRE! Yeah Monday night we went to Bahama Hut and hung out for an hour and half, met the
Fearless BoysFearless BoysFearless Boys

These Kiwis have no shame.
best bartender ever, and staked our claim on the front row to catch KATCHFIRE. Tickets were only 15 and it was such a tiny sweet lil venue! After Monday they had theme nights at all the bars like Beerfest, Fluro (like totally eighties fluorescent- did not participate), and all that good stuff. During the day they had drnking competitions in the quad, who does that? Anyways, throughout this week I have met alot of great people- americans and Kiwis. It nice to have a big group of us americans so people can't look at us too funny when we explain our distaste for tomatoe sauce (i miss ketchup) or craving for reeses (which they dont have here- brutal). There is a group of about 20 kids from Lebanon Vally College (ash, matt, mark, becca, i love them all), 3 from Penn State (Dan, Alex, and Ben woops i mean O'Dea) and my girl raquel from new jersey. She actually almost went to LFC for swimming, crazy huh? Some of my Australearn girls are here too- Fem, Tina, and Kim. Love it!

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Me and Kim at the BOCS party
The HillyThe Hilly
The Hilly

Me and Alex at karaoke night. The Hilly, Hamilton NZ

Yep, thats drinking competition right in the quad. Props to NZ.

We got front row and then a guy in a dress tried to ruin my night by putting gum in my hair. Didnt work.
The GirlsThe Girls
The Girls

Kim Tina Fem and Me

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