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March 19th 2009
Published: March 23rd 2009
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I thought I had posted this blog a while ago, apparently not, so I will just continue it. After our Cape Reinga adventure I went to bed and had an early night, only to be woken up by the loudest snoring you could possibly imagine. It was like some great monster and everyone in the room was woken up by it. So I decided staying in the same room as Tiggy was not a great idea after this!
But in the morning, we went out on the Canoe with Nick and Rob. It was such a beautiful morning, all bright and sunny and we paddled around a bit and then jumped in the ocean. And we caught fish, and learnt some Maori stuff like sharing our spirits thought touching foreheads/noses together. And we (I say we, i didn't do much of the following) caught some mussels and a fish and then cooked them up for lunch.
In the afternoon we lazed in the hot tub and then got the bus back to Auckland. We left for Mercury Bay in the morning after having been to the Globe bar and getting ever so slightly tipsy.
I managed the early mornings in India so well, but here it is all a different story, and they aren't even particularly early! We went to Mercury Bay and had some really good times. After spending the morning on the coach and checking out some amazing scenery, we went to Cathedral Cove, which was one of the settings for one of the Narnia films. A few of us decided to do a bit of sea kayaking round the bay which was awesome. And upon reaching the cove the guy taking us there, i'm sure he had a weird name, most of the people here do, made us our coffee of choice with his frothy milk maker. It was pretty cool. Then on our way back across the bay, the dolphins came out to play. We paddled around with them for a bit and were told that the original name for the bay was chosen because an island nearby resembled the chief's nose.
Due to tidal restrictions, the kiwi bus didn't go to 'Hot Water Beach' so we went to a local naturally heated day spa, I think we gave the regulars a bit of a shock. Especially when one of the guys jumped into the 'Ambience Pool', the manager was not impressed!
The next day we headed to Rotorua aka RottenRua as the driver tells us it is fondly referred to. The area has lots of geysers, and smells very sulfurous. It really does stink. We spent the afternoon Luge-ing as I didn't fancy white water rafting, it was pretty fun. Then went to a Maori cultural show in the evening. This was pretty fun. The guy on introducing the show en route, on the bus was really funny and the show itself was good. Probably a bit pricey if i'm honest, but the Hangi food at the end was really tasty. I ate soooo much and then didn't want to go out partying. I think I missed out on a fun night with the Kiwi crew, but never mind.
The next day we headed to Waitomo. I got dropped off before reaching the hostel to go 'Black Water Rafting'. We didn't actually get on a raft at all. It's just the name given to going caving with added cool activities such as abseiling in to the cave, then crawling through the cave network and swimming and jumping with a rubber tube into the river which goes through the cave, then swimming around and pulling ourselves along on a rope, then jumping over a waterfall, then climbing back up a few waterfalls. We also rescued a frog. Oh, and the caves are famous because they are full of glow worms. Glow worms aren't really worms at all. They are maggots with no bum hole. In order to get rid of their waste, they introduce an enzyme which burns their crap off as luminous light. When they've munched on enough food, they change in to flies which haven't evolved mouths so their sole purpose is to shag all the ladies and lay lots of eggs in the 3 days before they starve and die! It was 5 hours of fun (as you can imagine) and the people taking us through were both pretty jokes. In the evening we just went to the bar and had a BBQ. I had a steak. But it was overdone which made me a little sad as it was my first one in months. ah well, i'm sure there will be others!
We have now arrived in Taupo. I'm gonna be here for a few days as there is lots to do! Will let you know all about it as and when i've had some more fun!

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Cathedral CoveCathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove

filming for Narnia was done here!

23rd March 2009

Haha I love your description of thje glow worms! xx

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