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February 2nd 2008
Published: March 24th 2008
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Rotorua to Taupo

After suffering excruciating pain once again at the mediacal center we set off for Taupo.

On route here we called off at the near by Wai-o-tapu thermal reserve. This was disgusting, smelly bubbling pool of the most bizarre coloured gunk ive seen. But it was so cool! We also saw lady knox geyser that shoots out hot water out every single day 30ft into the air. Soap is added to the geyser to help it along so every one gets to see this happen/

What else about Wai-o-tapu? Not much else apart from all in all it was pretty cool to see and stunck like fart gas!

Huka Falls

This was a quick stop off. All this is a narrow channel of fast flowing water and a approx 6 mtr water fall. Wow, how exciting lol. Apparently 200,000 ltrs of water pass through here every second!!!

Lake Taupo

Lake taupo was 1 of my potential skydive locations. It is supposed to be the cheapest and 1 of the best sights to dive. However, due to the constant monsoon like rain, low cloud and the fact i still felt and looked worse than shit I didn't do my sky dive here and thought best to put it on hold until i get to the south island.

Kat and Alex (People from england, cheltham i met in Maui and travelled around Fiji with) were in Taupo the same time as me so it was nice to see them again and catch up with. Had a walk into town and had a burger king meal (2nd of the day). Wasn't really up for anything else or anything too crazy like going out getting leathered - even if i was i couldnt as i was on anti-biotics. Also as weather was bad decided just to chill out at the hostel. I can imagine the surrounding area of taupo, the lake and mountains are very nice when you can see them. To be honest taupo if pretty shit if the weather in bad as there nothing to do apart from skydive and go hiking. Stayed here for 1 night then moved on to Wellington. Not long to go until the south island! Alex and Kat also only stayed for 1 night. The plan originally was to all do a sky dive together but that went out of the window!

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25th March 2008

We'd given you up for dead
You'll be please to know we've not forgotten about you. We were considering planning a wake for you. 2 Days to go until Tallinn 5 Weeks till the wedding When're you back?

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