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January 21st 2008
Published: January 21st 2008
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Huka FallsHuka FallsHuka Falls

If only you could raft down here..........
Mon 14th Jan:
Off for some more pain this morning, in the form of waxing! It was a bit of a walk so G leant me his scooter, how cool was that! I didn't want to come back but I was back on Stray at 1230. Sad to leave this hostel, met some cool people here.
Bus arrived at 1300 then onto Taupo, teh worlds largest crater lake, via Huka Falls. Taupo is also THE place to skydive and as Nigel very kindly gave it too me as a gift I had no choice (think that was the point!)
So a quick check in at the hostel then onto Taupo Skydive....................
What an amazing buzz, I don't think anything will ever compare to that feeling! Throwing myself out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000 feet with a stranger strapped to my back, why would you do it? I still can't answer that one really, but if you ever get the chance, it's just unreal! (family skydive perhaps?!)
Apologies to anyone I spoke to after the jump, but this was serious adrenalin junkie stuff!!

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Uh oh....Uh oh....
Uh oh....

Nige, love you or hate you, not sure at this moment?
Preparing for take offPreparing for take off
Preparing for take off

How sane does my instructor look????
Nige, definitely love you!Nige, definitely love you!
Nige, definitely love you!


23rd January 2008

Congrats on conquering the skies, though you look a tad worried in the planr, guess not helped by the look of the instructor! Roll on the shark swimming xxx
26th January 2008

You think!!!
You trying going up 15000 feet in a plane when you're scared of heights and throwing yourself out!!!LOL!!! Don't get any ideas about shark cage gifts, I'm drawing the line Mr Barber!!! xxx
2nd February 2008

Looks fantastic!! Anna very impressed the aeroplane was pink!!!
4th February 2008

Pretty in Pink
Thought Amelia and Anna would be impressed, though would prefer they were more impressed that I actually threw myself out of it!!!! LOL!

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