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January 17th 2016
Published: January 24th 2016
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So after an evening out at whale bay (beautiful location – just a pitty we ran into reggae night with a DJ who liked to go into the meaning of each song he was about to play – just play the song already!!) we had another early morning and rushed out to Rotarua for White Water rafting! Yay!! Em was shaking with nerves as it was her first time but we donned another flattering wetsuit and booties and were ready to hit the water. The group going with us were running late so we got to hit the water with just our boat – Mary and I were up the front and Jack our guide enjoyed splashing us with as many waves and waterfalls he could aim at us!

Because we were waiting for the other group we got to have a bit of fun on the water – there was an old concrete turbine which we jumped off into the rapids (it was safe-ish I promise mum!) then Mary got to climb a rather precarious ladder onto a wet and slippery tree branch to jump into the river. Unfortunately I missed out on doing this as the other group was upon us so we were back in the raft and ready to conquer the river. We hit the rapids and got into a rhythm…then the big one was up – a 7 metre waterfall. We paused to offer a prayer to the king that had been buried under the waterfall to ask his permission to pass then we were set to go. There was a German lady in our boat who kept forgetting to put her oar down causing great risk to Ems face so we all just hunkered down and Jack guided us into the waterfall…it was crazy! The whole boat ended up under the water, but we all stayed in the boat. What a rush!! Too soon our adventure was over and it was time to head back to the car.

We got to Marys place and Em and I went for a walk while Mary caught up with her family. Em and I stocked up on some all important wine and cheese (these things have to be done) and we had a good night in having a chat and a laugh

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24th January 2016

Safe? Safe? You call that safe? Which part of that was safe?? Oh yeah... The bit where you're all still in the boat after going over the waterfall. Love you Mel. Thank you for still being alive xxx

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