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March 25th 2009
Published: March 31st 2009
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say this in a cafe called fat dogs and thought it was funny!
hello all!

well now i find myself in Rotorua, a place so full of sulphur that it constantly smells of eggs. Lucky for me, spending three nights here ha!
Apart from money worries, im having a great time. I should be able to sort myself out with some kind of job when i hit sounth island, whether that be fruitpicking or cleaning in hostels to earn a free night. Today we went and got some lunch at a place called fat dogs, the name is very appropriate as i have never eaten so much in my life. It had really quirky decor and amazing food, i think jen would really like it. It had a particularly funny chair with a funny rhyme about family that ill upload for you to look at! we also went and walked around the lake which is lovely, and went to the park which is full of hot pools of bubbling mud and misty lakes. Very cool. We just went on a supermarket shop for tea for the next few days, and we are just having a quiet one tonight as we need to be rested for the white water rafting tomorrow! apparently its amazing
me and pollyme and pollyme and polly

out for a birthday at lava bar
and so scary, there is a 7m waterfall that you just drop down and all you can do is hold on for dear life! i imagine this is dads idea of hell. But yeah thats cool, then the day after that we are off to Waitomo, a quiet little place full of caves where i will do black water rafting and see lots of glow worms 😊
I emailed dad, but ill say again here just in case - didnt manage to get a money transfer but he did something to my card and now i can withdraw money which is good. Worked out i can manage about a month and half before i really need to have a job so im going to start looking next week when we hit south island.
we went out last night for someone we mets birthday which was fun! and the day before that i went kayaking which was exhausting but really good fun. We had cappucinos and cookies on the beach afterwards. We nearly got capsized by huge waves but still! the rudder from my friends kayak fell off and she was attempting to steer without it which made me laugh so
group shotgroup shotgroup shot

some of the lovely people ive met!
much i couldnt even row!
mum and dad - Ill put some photos up for you now, and ill give you a ring in the next couple of days. again, happy mothers day mum! i promise i did try and get through my phone is just a silly billy. miss everyone!

aim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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thought this was funny

how lovely is this!
mercury baymercury bay
mercury bay

pretty little surfer spot where we went kayaking!

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