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December 16th 2006
Published: December 17th 2006
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Rotorua - LugeRotorua - LugeRotorua - Luge

Me and Uncle Andy

Left Cambridge at 9.30 to drive down to Rotorua (again). We got there at 10.30 and went up on the Gondola to the top of the mountain. When we got to the top we went on the Luge but they make you go on the scenic run first to get used to it. It was a long run down and me and Uncle Andy just went for it - racing each other down. Aunty Tina just came down a lot slower and everyone was passing her even the youngsters. It hurt your hands if you braked too much because you were pulling back all the time. When you get to the bottom you have to go back up to the top on a chair lift which Aunty Tina didn't like because it was open and too high up. Uncle Andy was in the one behind us and he kept swinging his legs and ye-haaing. Glad I wasn't in that one.

We then went on the intermediate luge and me and Uncle Andy raced down again. I was doing really well but he overtook me. On one part the course splits so he went down the left and I went down the right. But he still won. Aunty Tina bimbled in well after us but we waited for her.

We went and had a snack and a drink and me and Uncle Andy decided to go on the Luge again on the advanced course. I went down first and this course had some bigger dips and tighter corners. There was one bit that the path just dipped and I screamed which let Uncle Andy know what was coming up so he slowed down in time. It was much better than the other two courses. Aunty Tina chickened out and stayed at the top.

We watched two guys go on this sky swing. They were strapped into a seat and then the rope pulled them back up the hill quite high and then they just pulled a lever and dropped. It swung through two pylon type things - didn't look too scary though. I've been on better things at Alton Towers.

We came back down and then went into Rotorua for a look round. After that we went to Waimangu Thermal Park - more on that later.


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Rotorua - Chair LiftRotorua - Chair Lift
Rotorua - Chair Lift

Me & Aunty Tina
Rotorua - Chair LiftRotorua - Chair Lift
Rotorua - Chair Lift

Me & Uncle Andy after the Advanced Course
Rotorua Rotorua

Me & Aunty Tina with Rotorua in the background

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