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June 17th 2006
Published: June 17th 2006
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Yesterday we set off up the coast towards the bay of islands. on the way we stopped to climb a volcano, seriusly. When we got there it was a track which led up through a forrest and it seemed steep but ok at first, then as we got deeper and deeper the track actually turned into a slippery step ladder track carved roughly into the rocks! We got about half way up and i was really scared of getting back down again, so chris went on ahead. He seemed ages, until i heard him shout that he was on his way down again, he said that at the end, it was literally a rock climb along a narrow clifff to the top, and all that was on the peak was a little metal rod to hold onto. He said that it was sooo windy, and scary, im so glad that i didnt go up.
the way back down was scary and we have achey legs today, the guide book said it was a 20 minute climb, all in all it took us over an hour!!!

Then we carried onto the bay of islands and camped at waitangi last night, in a skanky camp site, i didnt leave the van all night cos it was too gross, and it rained madly last night. This morning we quickly left, and went to waitangi and learnt all about the treaty and history of the british conneciton with new zelanad, it was really interesting, and they had the longest war ship ever there. We did take some phots, but the camera has gone mad and have totally overwritten them with the same image of a waterfall later on about a million times. Hope it sorts its self out before fiji!

then we carried on down the coast again today, pausing for lunch, and have just arrived back in orewa where we are staying again tonight, we are going to start sorting the van out tonight, and hopefully beginning to pack - last day in new zealand tomorrow! Poooo!

Ooo and today, we saw dolphins jumping around and swimming in the bay - there were loads of them! AND just as we stopped at the internet cafe, there was a BRITISH Shop which sells british chocolate!!! ahhh soooo good, its jsut not the same here! we werent any sadder than that, and we only bought chocolate, cant wait until after tea to eat it!


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