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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 18th 2015

100km winds forecasted! With the driving rain and wind starting to build we decided to bail from the cliff top at Pouto. Lance took a hammering trying to secure bikes etc on the back of the motorhome. It was good entertainment as I cranked up the heater and watched. The only locals in Poutu are a lovely couple who run the small camp, they suggested Kellys Bay as a good sheltered spot. So this is where we have ended up. A break in the weather for a couple of hours and some sunshine allowed us to go for a walk. Kellys Bay is quite a shallow Bay and makes a good netting spot but with the weather forecast we will give it a miss this time. Kellys Bay residents have a problem with Oystercatchers. Far too ... read more
Kellys Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 17th 2015

Holding up the fire, lighting up the sky, like a lighthouse……. (This one is for you Matty J, thought you would appreciate a bit of Ziggy Marley). So we had to wait for the tide today to allow us to bike to the Kaipara North Head Lighthouse. Just as well we biked and not walked as we would have needed a torch to get back. A lovely bike ride into a head wind (not!), I will confess I am not bike fit and the occasional sinking issue as we rode along the beach was a little annoying for us less experienced bikers. Just as well the scenery made up for it. After arriving at the bottom of the sand dunes to the lighthouse, I managed to dismount with shaky legs then start the steep climb up ... read more
View from lighthouse to North Head
Biking Pouto Beach
Pouto Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 16th 2015

135 kms travelled today. Left Tinopai after a morning wander, with a stop at Tokatoka to walk the Tokatoka Peak track. Alarm bells should have rung when there was a warning sign about it been a very slippery and dangerous walking track. After a night of rain it was probably not our brightest idea to attempt this track (for a start it’s a climb not a walk if you have short legs!). After going the first 5 metres and slipping backwards with muddy shoes I had resigned myself to coming down on my ass on the way home. Made it to the top on all fours and were rewarded with spectacular views over bush, farmland and the Wairoa River. Lance kinda had a look but was really too busy hanging onto the pole just in case ... read more
Yes we stood on the top of that - Tokatoka Peak
Im not letting go of this pole! - Tokatoka Peak

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga July 16th 2015

When I visit a new country I always take note of any unusual things I see as I cycle from one destination to another. New Zealand although quite similar to the UK in many ways always seems a little quirky to me. From the number of microwave ovens being used as letter boxes to the number of individuals I witnessed walking bare feet around the shops, it is an immensely beautiful country with landscapes to die for, where one person on a beach is considered crowded and the people genuinely open up their homes to any stranger on a bicycle. This was my third visit to New Zealand and on this occasion I've really had the chance to explore the North Island. My previous visits were in 1995 to Wellington and Auckland with the Royal Navy ... read more
Arriving in Auckland
Selfie with Noushin, Yvonne and Sharon

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 15th 2015

What a blustery wet night here at Pahi. You could hear the wind coming before it hit the motorhome. I managed to get another wander around this morning whilst there was a break in the weather. It was nice to get some photos at high tide. Watched a poor shag innocently sitting on a rock get bombarded by a flock of seagulls. Managed to get a photo of his panicked flight to escape the bullies (photo a little blurred but it was a rather funny dismount from his rock). The Kauri Museum in Matakohe was our next stop. Spent 3 hours here, so I guess you could say it was pretty cool. You could easily spend the whole day. Personally I thought the photography was wonderful and it showed the story of the Kauri industry better ... read more
Everyone has a friend at Pahi
Shag dismount from rock after Seagulls attacked
Old Pahi Hotel

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 14th 2015

All by myself, don’t want to be……. That’s what our new neighbours thought when they arrived late last night at Tawharanui Regional Park Camp. We were parked up in a massive paddock all on our own until these guys decided to choose a parking spot as close as possible to us, with acres of alternative options. Maybe they felt safer been so close? Today The Golden Girl headed back to Uni. We had an awesome 5 days and it’s now time for us to head back to the West Coast and continue our journey north. Stopped in at Buckleton’s Beach then Warkworth to restock after our guest had eaten the supplies. Arrived in Pahi mid- afternoon. Pahi is a small Peninsula on the northern side of the Kaipara Harbour. A quaint little fishing community, with a ... read more
Pahi - view across to Whakapirau
Pahi Motor Camp
Pahi's Moreton Bay Fig Tree

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga February 28th 2015

Oh my goodness, New Zealand is the most beautiful country. Amazing views at every turn. Somehow it just keeps getting better and better. Long twisty road trip today from Paihia to Cape Reinga, the northern most tip of New Zealand and a very spiritual and important area for the Maori people. We felt very moved and privileged to be there and both had quiet little chats with those sadly no longer with us. ... read more
The lighthouse
Cape Reinga
The lighthouse

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 21st 2014

We had another delicious breakfast with our hosts, Brita and Heinz and met two more guests at breakfast. They were Yana from the Czech republic and Jay from China. They were spending four days at Allegra House. We, unfortunately, had to say our goodbyes as we loaded up the car. Caroline was going to drive. She was just about to drive off when Don realised he had forgotten his bag - the one with his passports etc etc. Finally we got away and decided to drive to the town of Russell. Russell was formerly the capital of the area. It had a dreadful reputation as a bawdy town thanks to the sailors putting into port and getting into drunken brawls along with escaped and former convicts behaving like convicts. We went over on the car ferry ... read more
a Rainbow brightens our journey back to Auckland

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 17th 2014

We were up in time to take out the wet washing from the dryer, turn up the heating and place the washing strategically round the room on every spare chair space. Then down to breakfast. If you think this is exciting - it gets better. After breakfast we packed our suitcases and took enough clothes with us in our roll ons for the weekend ahead. We were having a break with Caroline and Gwenlli at Paihia for four nights. Then the exciting bit - the shopping! Not just any shopping but the food shopping. So it was off to Grey's Ave (kosher) Deli to pick up challah and wine and other goodies. Whilst we were there we met the rabbi; we are having dinner with him and his family next Shabbat. We found out that he ... read more
Allegra House, Paihia NZ

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga February 22nd 2014

As mentioned in my previous entry the northern most parts of Nz play an important role in Maori Mythology. They believe that this is the place where a person’s spirit comes after death and departs to their enternal home of Hawaiki. The spirit must first travel up 90mile beach and across the rugged line of Cape Maria Van Diemen to Te Reinga - the rocky point on which the lightuse is situated. Clinging to this rock is an ancient Kahika tree name Te Aroha and unlike any other tree of its kind, it has never been seen to flower. This area is known as Te Rerenga Wairua - Leaping Place of Spirits - as mythology states that the spirit must climb down steps formed by the roots of Te Aroha into the ocean. They would swim ... read more

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