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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland August 12th 2015

On yer bike he say’s………and I always do as I'm told:) Today we biked out to the picturesque Rangiputa. Rangiputa is on the opposite side of the peninsula to Tokerau Beach and sits on the edge of the Rangaunu Harbour. Easy launching off the beach here and at a good guess not far to some great fishing spots. If you follow the road to reserve at the end of Rangiputa Beach, then follow the dirt/sandy road around the corner you will find the stunning Motutara Bay. Motutara Bay looks out across to Houhora heads and the outer Islands. Yes this is another spot I could quite happily stay forever. But it was time to head home before the breeze got up and I still had the energy to attempt the bike ride up the steep hill ... read more
Rangiputa Beach
View to outer Islands - Motuara Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland August 11th 2015

It’s been freezing in Sunny Northland. You know it’s cold when the windows fog up and its starts hailing. We spent 6 nights at Pukenui enjoying the friendly locals and the company of the Pukenui Camping Ground Guests and Staff. With the weather being not the best there was a lot of baking and shared food amongst us all. The impromptu feed of raw fish in the camp kitchen for lunch, fishing off the wharf, smoked fish afternoon tea/dinner and a rugby game we wish to not remember. But I did enjoy the netball winJ. There was also a bit of R & M as Lance helped other campers repair their awnings etc. Day 63 A farewell to our new friends this morning and off to Kaitaia to re stock etc. There was a quick detour ... read more
Biking Tokerau Beach
Waipapakauri Beach
Waipapkauri Beach South

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland August 6th 2015

You can’t cave into the thunder and the rain…………Well the weather has caught a few Pukenui campers out last night and this morning. 1 Bus and 1 motorhome with broken awnings luckily not ours. This morning it sounded like a freight train coming, Lance and I looked out the bedroom window just in time to see the neighbours awning turn inside out with a gust of wind A beautiful sunny day yesterday allowed us to get out and about on our bikes. We came across an amazing garden on a harbour waterfront road property. Sitting proud on the landscape were these very cool driftwood sculptures of Moa’s and an Eagle. A quick stop to soak in the views and to take a couple of photos. Then on the bike and out to Houhoura Heads, the water ... read more
Crystal Clear Waters Houhora Heads
Driftwood Eagle
Houhora Game Fishing Club

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland August 4th 2015

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run, Run, Run…….. Looking across the paddock from where we were camping this morning, Lance saw this large black animal? After zooming in on the camera we found it to be one very large black rabbit (probably twice the size of our cat). They sure grow the rabbits big up here at Spirits BayJ. Enough mucking around with the wildlife it’s time to head to Rarawa Beach. A quick detour to Paua to make sure we were not missing out on something. Paua sits on the Parengarenga Harbour and also looks out across the waters to Kokota Sandspit, like Te Hapua (just a slightly different view). You are able to camp here but not really our cup of tea (not a lot to do and you are not allowed to fish here). ... read more
Rarawa - Southern End of Beach
Rarawa Beach 2
Rarawa Northern End of Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland August 2nd 2015

Mr Sandman, bring me a dream…………. Off to Te Paki Sand Dunes. These are biggest sand dunes in NZ and we picked a perfect day to explore them. You can rent a board to slide down the dunes at great speeds if you fancy. But looking at the young ones giving it a go you don’t get too many rides as it is such a climb to get up high on the dunes only to slide down in seconds. We watched a couple of old dudes (probably Lances age) who thought they had it sussed and decided it would be good idea to lie on board and go down forward, I suspect they are still trying to pick the sand out of their noses. It’s quite hard work climbing up high on the dunes but well ... read more
Sand Boarding
Te Paki Sand Dunes 1
Te Paki Sand Dunes 2

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland August 1st 2015

It’s been a quiet day in Pukenui today. Cool Squally showers hindered us from venturing too far. We managed a walk quick walk around the picturesque Houhora Harbour in the morning. There was plenty of activity with barges and commercial fishing boats heading in and out. If it wasn’t so windy we would have plonked ourselves on the hillside and spent more time watching all the comings and goings. The rain cleared late this afternoon so we walked inland from the Camping Ground to a place called Arethusia Reserve, a loop track around wetlands. This reserve was donated to the Forest & Bird Society. Some argue that this reserve has not been too successful (ponds have turned to swamp, wilding pines growing amongst the nice native plantings). But still it gave us something to do whilst ... read more
Te Werahi Beach to Cape Maria Van Diemen to Motuopao Island
View from lighthouse to Sandfly Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 25th 2015

Another foggy morning to start the day. A bit of housekeeping then off to Rawene. Not a breath of wind made for very picturesque scenery. After a quick wander (Rawene is small) we treated ourselves lunch at the Boatshed Café. What a perfect spot in the sun sitting on the deck over the water. The Raw Fish and coffee………..delicious. From Rawene you can take the car ferry over to Kohukohu which cuts out a hunk of travelling if you are heading North. We are giving it a miss as I have a couple of things on my hit list and to see them we need to take the long roadJ. No boat ride for the lad today but if he behaves he might get one further north. So Wairere Boulders was next (In the 101 Must ... read more
I hope it doesn't fall - Wairere Boulders
Wairere Boulders track
Horeke Hotel

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 23rd 2015

Awoke to thick fog across the Hokianga Harbour. It did start to break up but another lot rolled in and you could not see across the harbour at all, this made for a very earie morning. Packed up and off to South Head to do the Arai te Uru Heritage Walkway. Had coffee at the top of lookout carpark and waited for the fog to lift. This is another must do if you are this way. Incredible views North over the giant sand hills on the Northern shore, and East along the inland waterway of the Hokianga Harbour. Some great photo opportunities across the wild bar of the Hokianga Harbour entrance. A slight detour took us down to a small bay. Time for Lance to practice his throwing skills. It’s a boy thing… throw rocks and ... read more
Hokianga Harbour entrance
Martins Bay
Omapere Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 22nd 2015

I quite like Glinks Gully but after 2 nights of not much sleep (I was sure the Motorhome was going to tip over in the middle of the night) it was time to move on. 1ststop was Bayleys Beach this morning. Left the Motorhome at the top of the hill and walked down to the beach. It was not my cup of tea, and I'm not really sure why? Maybe had a claustrophobic feel. No escaping huge waves here as the cliffs were so high. Baches congested to a skinny gully. A bit of a hike up the steep hill then off to Dargaville to get mobile coverage and restock with supplies. Next stop was Omamari Beach, quiet little spot with only a few baches. A cute little place, with a nice West Coast Beach. Didn’t ... read more
Kai Iwi Lakes
Kai Iwi Lakes - Lake Taharoa
Omamari Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland July 21st 2015

The rain squalls have been persistent, and we need a change of scenery to keep us out of trouble so opted to leave Kellys Bay and head 50kms North up to Glinks Gully. This is the wild side of the West Coast. We have been rewarded once again with a Room with a View at the Glinks Gully Motor Camp. The sea is huge (I can never seem to illustrate this in my photos sadly). Lance and I do what we normally do in this weather, cook up a storm, read books, play card games, take the mickey out of each other and have the camera and backpack ready in case the weather breaks. It did today and we managed to get an hour or two out walking later this afternoon. A few people out on ... read more
Glinks Gully
Just gone High Tide - Glinks Gully
Room with a view - Glinks Gully Camp

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